DIY Tips for Your Household and Office Repairs

beautiful-officeEverybody is yearning for quick fixes that would magically get them rid of their constant house repair woes. In this article you will learn about easy and simple ways of turning slight malfunctions around the house for putting it to proper use.

If you look around hood, there are at least 5 things on the tip of your fingers, that you have been meaning to fix but just didn't get enough time to give.

  • Oiling the Hinges:

Take a look, perhaps at your door hinges: are they squeaky and noisy? Don't fret it. Take WD-4O spray and apply it onto the creaky hinges and just to make sure the lubricant has fully worked its magic, move the hinge back and forth whilst you're at it. Unless this hasn't already played the part, try lifting the hinge pins and oiling them with just about a few droplets, and not more!

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  • Refurbishing the Floor:

Does your floor look lackluster and needs a few scrub before it goes back to the same sheen it once had? A quick fix for that would be sprinkling a tad bit of talcum powder on the cracks of the flooring as it makes it smoother and less noisy. If you intend on proper finishing of floor space, make sure to remove any powder particles beforehand.

  • Peeling Wallpapers:

Another thing which most of you face problems with is peeling wallpaper. Yes, this has been the cause of a lot of homeowners' despair. How do you get rid of the dilapidated and scruffy look of the wallpaper? That is not rocket science. Take a knife and spread the wallpaper paste neatly at the back of a writing paper. Rub that side onto the underside of the wallpaper and press it neatly back on the wall, sliding the paper out.

  • Re tightening of Cane Furniture:

Do you have cane furniture placed in your garden or at the entrance? Has it worn out and started to look saggy with time. Well, before you think of replacing it, try and tightening it back to its original shape! Use a sponge, dipped in warm water, and apply it on the underside of the cane furniture. Let it dry overnight and see the difference!

  • Bathroom Equipment:

Does your bathroom tub look like it was your grandmother's? A quick and easy way to turn it shining like a new penny is through this simple technique: Make a mixture of equal quantity of cream of tartar and baking soda with lots of lemon juice to get a pasty feel. Rub the mixture onto the stain with a rag and keep it on for half an hour or so, then rinse away with warm water.


If you are the one, who does not want to cut his or her pocket on home renovation, above mentioned techniques will definitely help you in a long way. These tips are not only cost effective but a rather quick method of refinishing the home.

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