How to Decorate a Home Office on a Budget

home-office-budgetWhen working from home, it's essential to create an office space which is both appealing and comfortable. Initially, you may think decorating a home office would be a costly, and rather time consuming job. From decorating your walls, to storage and office space, to furniture and lighting, the task of decorating your office shouldn't be taken likely. However, by making a few sound choices, and careful planning, and you can create an office space without the excessive cost or hassle.

Here are a few tips:


Whether your office is big or small, an empty, blank wall space can look unattractive and unwelcoming. If time allows, create a calm atmosphere by purchasing a gallon of paint for $50, and paint your walls choosing colours such as earthy greens or serene blues. For a more dramatic effect, paint all walls a neutral color, then choose one dramatic color for a focal wall. If you want a quick and easy solution without the paint, use removable wall decals for a quick and instant revamp. Choose from an array of different styles, designs, colors and sizes. Alternatively, wall murals, stencils and canvases are also great pieces of wall art which can be purchased on a budget.


Good lighting is really important for a home office. If your office is on the small side, it's important to get as much natural light as possible. Position your desk so it's by a window. For extra light, use desk lamps which can be adjustable. Recessed lights are also another good option. Lamps are not expensive if purchased second hand; but for safety measures it's always essential to test lamps before they are purchased.


Your working space deserves good pieces of furniture which will last. A good desk and chair are essential. Auction sites such as eBay and good second hand furniture shops will sell classic, solid pieces which will be ideal for a home office space. Remember test your furniture before you buy it. Be sure the quality is of good standard, and not overpriced.


If you're good at DIY, why not make your own Shelving. Shop bought shelving is only available in particular sizes, so make your own and you can make the size you require. Softwood material is a great material, as it's often strong and can be used easily. If you have enough time, paint your shelving a nice fresh colour which will coordinate nicely with your existing décor.


An essential element to any home office is storage space. If your office is rather small, it's important to try and keep your files to a minimum. Use deep shortage boxes which can be placed neatly under your office. Another good option is the use of Corner storage. The Use of Corner baker's racks are a great way of organizing and storing those essential files.

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