4 Warm and Welcoming Hallway Décor Tips

rfrwfrThe moment someone enters your home, they will start to develop thoughts and opinions on your home as a whole. First impressions are very important, especially when it comes to your home, and whilst people may see the front of your home as the very first impression, the greeting they receive when they enter your home is just as crucial.

Creating a hallway with a warm and welcoming atmosphere will ensure your home is a strong representation of your personal style, as well as making a really good first impression. This can also deliver benefits when you look to sell your property, as it helps potential buyers to feel engaged with the proposition and imagine themselves living in your home.

4 Ways to Create a Warm and Welcoming Hallway

With this in mind, let’s take a look at four key décor tips that will enable you to create a warm and ultimately welcoming hallway: –

Warm Color Schemes

You often find that hallways and entrance-ways are best designed around a neutral colour scheme. Neutral colors are perfect for setting a warm, gentle tone that can be dressed up with furniture and additional colors to add character and style. Choosing a neutral colour scheme also enables you to be flexible with the details you choose, whether that’s oak furniture, wooden flooring and so on. Colors of the same neutral palette, such as beige, cream, grey and white, are perfect for setting a calm, welcoming atmosphere and making the space feel positive and bright, which is ideal for first room in the home.

Delicate Details

The details you add to your hallway are ideal for introducing some character and personality to the room. It can often be difficult to capture the right feel within your hallway, as you don’t want to overdo it, however a plain, empty hallway isn’t going to feel very welcoming! Think about the different details you can add to the room, such as stylish door handles, elegant curtains and even the curtain poles and ties. These simple features will help to add to the rooms overall look and create a really nice feel throughout. For those with tricky staircases, find yourself a trusty telescopic ladder and you’ll be able to give your bannister a fresh lick of paint, polish or even just a quick dust down to make sure these areas are clean and presentable.

Simple Storage Solutions

It’s very easy for your hallway to become cluttered, overcrowded and cramped with coats, shoes and other outdoorsy items. There’s nothing worse than entering a house and being greeted by a stale scent, along with a pile of shoes in the corner and some coats draped over the bannister. Introduce some useful, yet stylish storage solutions to your hallway to eliminate this issue and ensure your hallway is clear and open. You can find some really practical furniture pieces such as a chest that can be used as a bench, along with tall, slim drawers and stylish umbrella stands, which will all help to keep the room looking stylish and trendy, but also clutter free!

Warm Personal Touches

There are a number of different ways in which you can create a warm and welcoming feel with personal touches. From precious family photographs, inspirational artwork and even a stylish rug, you can instantly tell a lot about someone’s home by the way they detail a room. Another lovely touch to add to your hallway would be >adding some beautiful fresh flowers to the side table, along with some candles or ornaments that reflect your personal style. These delicate items will help to add character to the room and make it stand out a little, whilst also adding a gorgeous aroma to the room, that your guests are greeted with the moment they enter your house.

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