Some Plain Sailing Tricks To Secure Your New Home Against Intruders

If you are planning to build a moat around your new plush house, you are being obtuse in this regard, I must say. This would not be a wise move! Here’s a lot I can option out to you as far as security of your new home is concerned. Some of the following measures are drafted based upon genuine interviews with burglars –

Question – What would be your next move after finding a house secured with GE Simon XT alarm system?

Response – Look for PVC pipes if placed under any lower windows or not, because GE Simon XT alarm system is unresponsive to broken-windows.

Now what we make out of it is a burglar with professional skills and field knowledge will find every possible way to get into the house and there are only a few ways to stop him for good and these are –

  • Not to appear as you are, means flaunting of your valuables could be of high-risk.

  • Do not look like you are less careful about your house and the assets that you have earned throughout these years. This clears out the paths for intruders.

  • Remember, your air-conditioning vents are as accessible as your main gate. Secure them!

  • Try not to choose doors with glass near the doorknobs. This could turn out to be one of the weaknesses.

  • Your doggy can easily manage through a standard sized dog door. You don’t have to enlarge it.

  • And, more importantly, do not make yourself feel like being of any target 24/7. Try to live an average life despite being not so normal with your bank balance.

Here comes a few more your way on how to stay safe from those prying eyes without investing much on boundary walls or security fence systems.

  • Avoid planting shrubs and even fences nearby windows and doors as an open space won’t help burglars to lurk around in your house.

  • Spend a reasonable share of your earnings and get motion sensor exterior lights installed, so that whenever it kicks in, you get on the lookout, (but sometimes it might just be a bat).

  • If you own an expensive car or paintings worth thousands of dollars – keep the car in a highly-secured garage and paintings behind the closed window blinds. Showcasing them in the plain sights seem inviting to the sneak-thieves.

  • If you have watched Home Alone (trio series), you might then be able to make it out yourself – Burglars conduct an extensive research on your outing time as well as your neighbours’. They even note down when you are going to be on festive mode and out of town. It’s better to keep the house free of valuables including currency notes and jewelleries, because prying those doors and windows won’t be difficult for them.

  • A healthy dog makes a good companion as well as house-guard. Well, now you don’t have to go for a German Shepherd to deter or chase out intruders. A little, yappy dog sounds like a smart choice here, because they would hardly get friendly with anyone else.

  • Make your windows smash-proof and the one and only way to get it through window tinting home, means window filming. Choosing premium quality window tint over cheap solutions is always appreciated. because though every window tint is designed to be shatter proof, but a little expensive ones last longer.

Final words –

Remember, you will not want to make your house utterly break-in free, because it’s not even possible. The very concern is to make your house look less of a soft target. You’d better snuggle up with your surroundings and stop behaving like the lowest-hanging fruit.

If you have any questions, please ask below!