Six Quick Baby High Chair Safety Tips

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Do you have a high chair for your child? If so, you probably use it like millions of other mothers use it around the world!

According to recent research, injuries from high chairs or booster seats are increasing. This problem is really sending an increasing number of children for treatment each year.

Researchers say that more than 9,400 children are treated each year for injuries that are associated with a high chair or booster seat. To overcome this, the number one thing that parents can do to prevent injuries that are related to high chairs is to use the safety restraint system in the chair. According to doctors, the vast majority of injuries from these products are from falls. Hence, buckling your child in every time you use the high chair can help keep your children safe!

Following are the six quick high chair safety tips:

• Just make sure to buckle the child in the seat with the straps every time. If you do so, it will really help set a routine and keep the child seated and securely in the high chair. Also, make sure the straps are in good working order and they are firmly attached to the chair. Moreover, try to use chairs with either a three-point or five-point harness that includes a crotch strap or post. The fact is the tray is not enough to keep children in the seat.

• The next quick tip is teaching the child that the high chair is only for eating purposes. The fact is allowing a child or older sibling to play, climb or stand in the chair can cause it to tip and ultimately your child can be injured which is why teaching him the use of the chair is one necessary thing.

• Try to keep the area around the high chair clear. Naturally, children are more curious. They are in the habit of grabbing tablecloths, placemats, sharp silverware and hot food that may be in reach. Let say the high chair is very close to the table, a counter or the wall. As a result of it, the child may knock the chair over by kicking their feet into these objects. So, it is one wise thing to clear out their front and not place any object in front of them. Especially you should avoid putting dangerous stuff near them because as we said earlier, children are one curious species and they will do anything to know about the weird things you put in front of them.

• High chair safety tips also include to test out a chair before selecting it. In fact, the high chairs with wide bases are often more stable. Try to use the chairs that meet current safety standards. Also, make sure that you have done enough research on which chair to buy and which one is not safe for your little one. There are so many websites that review the best high chairs for your baby and you surely should give these articles a read because ultimately you will end up buying something worth of your money and safer for your child.

• Just try to stay with your child during the mealtime. The fact is an unsupervised child is more likely to try to escape from the chair and can also be more likely to choke on food than a supervised child. Also, try to make a routine of your child and try to use the chair only when you are about to feed him/her meals. This way the baby will know somehow that the chair is only supposed to be used when it’s eating time and then they won’t try to climb it up when you are not around.

• Make sure to check for the recalls to ensure the chair you are using does not have any known injury hazards and keep a check on its belt and all the other parts and in case there is something you find wrong about the chair then get it fixed in the first go and make sure it is perfectly fine for your baby.


This is it for today, stay connected and keep reading because we’ve got a lot more to talk about child safety and the use of high chairs too. Till then, keep sharing and keep reading out articles we assure you that we will come up with some more informative and useful topics for the next time.


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