Creating a Relaxing Atmosphere at Home

relaxing-living-roomWe all want a place to relax, where we can feel our worries just slipping away. So, why can’t this just be your home? Well, actually, it can and here are five helpful ways to create an atmosphere perfect for relaxing at home.

1. Soft Tones

Tones such as sky blue, cream, rose pink, lavender and pale yellow will create a heavenly ambience around your home that is just perfect for relaxation. In the bathroom, keep the interior white, but add soft, fluffy towels in the colours listed above. If you desire a home that’s suitable for experiencing pure relaxation, make sure your chosen colours blend together and match.

2. Candles

Think about sinking into a bubble bath surrounded by candles and a book (maybe with a glass of wine). Doesn’t that sound divine? Purchasing a set of candles is definitely essential for relaxation. Make sure you choose candles with subtle colours and scents that are not overpowering. Don’t just limit these types of home wares to the bathroom. Put on your favourite music and just sit back whilst the candlelight dances on the walls of your living room.

3. Cushions

For the living room or bedroom, the addition of a beautiful set of cushions is essential. Nothing feels better after a hard day at work than snuggling up to a comfy cushion. They work exceptionally well for making hard furniture more pleasant to sit on. Home wares really make your home come to life, allowing you to express your individuality and taste.

4. Bed Linen

The bedroom decor needs to be kept simple, preferably using the soft tones advised at point 1. Floral designs are refreshing and make you feel calm, especially those that feature roses, lavender or daisies. Lightweight fabric such as cotton is delightfully soft against your skin and keeps you pleasantly cool during the summer months. For a more luxurious feel, satin and silks are definitely for you; everyone deserves a bit of glamour in their life.

5. Rugs

Feeling something sumptuous and soft against your skin is magnificent, which is why you should add a gorgeous wool rug to your home. As well as creating an amazing feel, a rug will also breathe a breath of fresh air into your interior ddcor, making it look wholly unique and beautiful. Rugs also protect your carpet from being worn out, thereby saving you a lot of money. If that doesn’t relax you, what will?

Creating a relaxing atmosphere need not be strenuous; just follow the tips above. Avoid bright and striking colours that contrast with each other vastly; it will create an exciting atmosphere but not the relaxing one you are trying to achieve. Think soft colours and soft material and you can’t go wrong!

Lucy Collins writes regularly on furnishings and accessories for a range of interior design websites and blogs. Decorating homes with fabulous products, such as those available at MahaHome and other retailers is something Lucy is highly passionate.

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