Tips on Choosing Marble Worktops for Your Home

marble-houseMarble is a material that ruled home improvement projects before granite become the most obvious choice for home owners. Marble still is a highly sought-after material and not only for worktops but also for home flooring. Marble instantly brightens up a space with its sheer elegance and richness. It has a remarkable appearance that brings style to any room and this is precisely why people choose marble.

Worktops made from high quality marble can add a touch of sophistication to your kitchens and bathrooms. These make for beautiful surfaces for the purposes of preparing meals, dining, and arranging your accessories as you please. That being said, here are some top reasons why you should consider choosing marble worktops for your home.


1. Aesthetics: Marble comes in different colours and each piece has its own uniqueness. You can choose from among a wide assortment of tones to fit your requirement. The variety of design patterns-whirls and swirls-that are so characteristic of marble will accentuate the beauty of your room and attract a lot of attention to the quality and ambiance of your home.

Bardiglio Nuvolato Marble

2. Temperature: Marble is an excellent choice if what you are looking for is its cool temperature quality. It's naturally a cold material that doesn't conduct heat. Hence, marble is perfect for displaying your baked items and rolling pasties.

Blue-Jeans Marble

3. Size: Marble as a worktop comes in many bespoke sizes. You can choose the size that matches your requirements. 30mm solid surface size is a good option in large as well as complex pieces because it is stronger than 20mm and lighter than 40mm.

Brocattello Di Siena Marble

4. Cost: Marble worktops are the least expensive compared to other types of worktops. If you want to purchase more rare forms of marble, then these may cost you significantly depending on the size and cut of the material.

Calacatta Vagli Rosato Marble

5. Availability: Fortunately, marble is a widely available material. Unlike other materials such as quartz, marble is in fact very easy to find. You can purchase it from a number of stone fabricators or marble workshops at affordable prices.

Carrara Marbles

Apart from all these qualities, marble also offers the benefits of durability and a stain resistant surface. With meticulous care, you can avoid major spills leaving behind hard stains. Marble worktops therefore can be kept looking new and beautiful for years at end. Bring home this material if what you wish to create is a homely hospitality. Because if you really like the appearance of the material, then deciding in favour of it will perhaps be a wise decision.

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