Top Design Hacks that Make Parenting Easier

Your life with your kids is a roller coaster of adventures. It all started with sleepless nights because newborn babies won’t stop crying. Then, they grew into sweet toddlers who always long for your hugs, kisses, and attention. Now, they carry their kinder backpack and rush to school where they learn things independently.

The #TiredMama can breathe for a while.

The trouble comes back inside the moment they come home from school. They’ll leave the places you’ve just cleaned in chaos, drive you insane because of their hyperactive behaviour, and cause accidents that ruin the rest of your plans for the day.

Even though your rugrats are a pain in the neck, you can’t resist their smiles, hugs, kisses, and laughter. To help you with the struggles of #parenting, here’s a rundown of home designs that architects and designers think will make your life as a parent easier.

Build an Accessible Bookshelf

As parents, you have to promote reading to your children. You can start by building a bookshelf that’s open to your kids. Place it in areas where your family convenes such as the living or dining room. Stash your kid’s books and stationery on the lower shelves so your kids can reach for it easily. This also encourages them to clean up their own mess.

bookshelf in the living room

Create a Fun Chalk Wall

Encourage your child’s creativity without compromising your home design with this 3ft tall chalk wall. Since your little ones can’t draw on the spaces they can’t reach, this is enough for their scribbles and drawings. Only use chalks that are safe for kids. Replace this chalkboard with wainscoting when they’re all grown up.

chalk board

Bar stools

You have to be cautious of the kind and style of bar stools that you use in your kitchen. Kids might slip, fall, and hurt themselves if the chair is not child-proof. It’s best to buy adjustable stools or high chairs which support the kid’s body. With the right kind of chair, you’re confident that your kid can climb up and come down safely.

bar stools

You can also put a low dining table in the kitchen which the kids can use for eating, playing, or studying.

low table

Display a Clock

Nobody likes running late in the morning especially when you have to drop your kids to school. Avoid this pesky morning rush with the help of a clock. Have one in the kitchen to remind everyone of the time while eating breakfast.

huge clock in the kitchen

Don’t skip the living areas! Put a clock in there to help the kids sense how much time they spend on playing or watching TV. For example, you can instruct your child to turn off the TV” when the small hand is on 6 and the big hand is on 12 “.Just make sure that the time in all your clocks, including your watches and your phone, are all the same.


Show-off their Artwork

Support your kid when they seem proud of his or her creative output in school. You can designate a temporary art display area at home. Some parents pin their kid’s artwork on a corkboard attached to the wall. Some put it in a frame and hang it on the walls. Believe us, this will help boost your child’s confidence and artistic talents.

cork board

Use the coffee table (in another way)

For us adults, the coffee table is something that can hold several knick knacks we use to entertain our guests. For kids, it is a table for putting together puzzles or building their Lego creations. Support that! In this living room design, kids can sit on the ottoman if they’re using the coffee table for something educational or fun.

coffee table

Lower Wall hooks for the Tiny Humans

Install a lower row of wall hooks in the mudroom or near the front door of your house. This makes it easier for the kids to hang up their coats and bags when they come home.

wall hooks

Finally, go for Carpet tiles

Your rugrats can get messy especially when they play with their food or run outside the house. It’s a hassle to clean the carpet or a rug when the kids already ruined it with food stains and dirt. Swap it for non-slip carpet tiles. Carpet tiles come in squares and if one tile gets stained or damaged beyond repair, you only need to replace the ruined parts.

carpet tiles

So tell us, how are you doing with your #ParentLife? What design hacks are you using? If you tried any of these tips, let us know what happened in the comments section!

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