Men Can Do It: Tricks That Will Make Small Bedroom Look Amazing

getgrtwgrwThe society always thinks that only women can do a makeover for a bedroom. However, the society is wrong. Men can also do it. They can successfully make a small bedroom look amazing.

Even if most of the time it seems challenging and frustrating to design a small bedroom, sometimes it is also fun. With the right design techniques and tips, every person can turn their small bedroom into an aesthetic one.

From clever mattress ideas, amazing storage solutions to multi-functional furniture, here are some great tips that will help men in creating and maximizing small spaces.

Create a Focal Point

Every room must have a center point where a person’s view will immediately see the organization and not the clutter. Most of the time, a bedroom’s focal point is the head part of bed, where a person can magnify using various designs of a pillow top.

When designing for a small space, windows can also attract the eyes. Since these two elements create a strong impact in making a cohesive design for a bedroom, try placing the bed near or front the window to blend them. Another option is dressing one element, either the window or bed can take center stage.

Create Depth With Mirrors

For a room to have an additional dimension and depth, adding a mirror is a smart idea. Adding mirrors can also give a unique feel because it can also act as windows. Putting several small mirrors in groups can aid in giving more visual view to space. But using a large mirror will immediately create a square footage illusion that will make the room small.

Keep Things Open

People are always tempted to buy the biggest bed the find, so that they can picture an extravagant nest. However, it is not the best idea for a small space because it can cause a cluttered feel. Rather, purchase a bed with small elevation so that it won’t cramp the room.

People can use an iron bed that has a transparent head and footboard. Or try using a bed that has no footboard like storage or platform bed. Choosing this type of beds can keep the middle of the room open, and it will also look larger.

Maximizing the storage space

The main problem of small bedrooms is the storage, so there is a need to take advantage of every space. Under the bed will be a great space to store some of the boxes and trunks. Also, it is better to cleverly incorporate some displays cabinets as storage for books and other stuff. Think about multitasking.

Carry that Basket

The basket might not be a man’s thing, but they are extremely attractive and versatile. Also, they are perfect for storage spaces in a small bedroom. Baskets can also easily complement any types of design style. Just choose the basket that will fit the desired design. Keep any reading materials neatly in the basket and place it somewhere within reach.

Light It Up

Illumination has a big impact in the ambiance of a small bedroom. Smart choices for lighting can bring a good effect to the room. The soft light that comes from various direction can aid in blurring the edges of the chamber to make it look big. A quick tip, to soften the overhead light, use a lower wattage bulb in a frosted shade to create a calm ambiance.

Creating More Section

While designing, think of random things you can do in the bedroom like work, eat, sleep and relax. Then establish different areas for all the activities in the bedroom. Use faint demarcations to create the illusion of a large space. You can add something with the zones like different seating area or a tented bed, a built-in banquette or just a simple chair and table.

Think Vertically

Create an illusion to draw the eye upward. Utilizing the spaces up to the ceiling of the room can create more visible spaces. Try using cabinets and bookcases that will go all the way up.

Take Advantage of the Vertical

Besides on maximizing the horizontal space and if the roofing is not high, there is no need to neglect the vertical spaces. Utilizing the vertical space of the bedroom is the best way to make things both neat and organized.

Floating shelves can be a big help especially in holding magazines and books. Also, small baskets and buckets that are hanging on different rods can be the best space for random items.

Use a Peaceful Palette

Limiting the color palette will help in creating an illusion that the room has a lot of space. If the eyes see similar hues on furnishings, beddings, and walls, the bedroom will appear larger. Since the hue is in the same palette, it helps in blurring the line between various elements. Also, the eyes can roam around the room effortlessly. Inserting few contrasting color can add life to the room.

Double Duty Desk

Place a small desk that has dual-purpose next to the bed. The desk doesn’t only function as a nightstand, but it can be a desk for random late night work. Place a small chair under the desk. Find a pre-loved desk at a thrift shop and then add some ornaments to incorporate it into the room’s theme.

Create Boundaries

Try framing the bed with a customized cubbies. It can perfectly work as a headboard well. This kind of storage gives freedom in displaying things since it is a mix of open and closed space. It is better to paint the headboard with neutral colors to avoid any overpowering furniture in the room. It also makes it less overwhelming.


Making a small-spaced bedroom look large is easy. Knowing the basic tips and techniques, anyone can effortlessly make their small bedroom a sanctuary for sleeping, relaxing and working without feeling cramped.


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