Secrets to a Happy Marriage

handsRelationships are extremely complicated, but also extremely rewarding. In a marriage, there are some serious factors to consider in maintaining a healthy, supportive, and communicative bond. These are issues that if you're having trouble with, you should probably consult a marriage counselor. On the other hand, when you're having a tough bout with your spouse - there are lots of little things you can do that will have an amazing effect fast! These are the little "extras" that will surprisingly turn around the tone of your spouse's mood in a matter of days - if not hours! Take a quick look at just a couple little things you can do, that if practiced regularly - will improve your marriage forever!

Listen-For Real!

There's an amazing amount of emotional credibility that's gained through just listening to someone. "I listen every time my spouse talks" you might be saying - but this isn't what we're talking about. If you've noticed that your spouse is facing some unique challenges at work, and is often coming home frustrated - take some time to step back from your reactions to this, and just listen. Secretly mark a date on your printed calendar, and prepare yourself for that evening to simply listen intently-maintaining eye contact, and letting your spouse just vent. After they've really opened up to you, go to sleep - and watch what happens the next day. You're going to find someone across the dinner table from you who is grateful, and eager to praise you for they compassion you've shown.

Be a "House Fairy"

The "House Fairy" is someone who comes along and does random chores around the house; without being asked, and without being seen. It's called the "house fairy", because it seems like magic when your spouse arrives home to even the smallest completed chore. Even throwing out old food in the fridge - or folding some laundry… Just anything that wasn't expected to be done, but got done anyway. The catch is, they actually know it wasn't magic or a fairy - but you who did these nice things. While it may seem obvious, taking the time to make your spouse's life easier creates love and admiration from both of you in your day.

Attempt a Change

Possibly the biggest of these "little wonders", is attempting to show that you've made a change toward something your spouse has been wanting to see for some time. Have you always been bad about budgeting your money? Surprise your spouse with a balanced checkbook at the end of the month - and $50 you've saved to take both of you out to dinner! Are you notorious for avoiding in-law family dinners? Try surprising your spouse with an in-law dinner at your house, where you do the cooking! Imagine how good they'll feel when they see that you really have been listening to their concerns all these years, and you at least have shown some attempt to change your shortcomings. They'll only want to do the same for you, and your happiness will grow exponentially.

Just Do It

The ultimate trick to the "relationship tune up" is to just make some effort - and don't delay! If you had a dollar for all the things you've "been meaning to do" over the years; I bet you'd be a rich individual, right? The point is, you have to take some action, no matter how small it is, to show that you care right now. Think about it, depending on how rocky your marriage is at the moment - this gesture might just be the difference between an awesome union… or a slow road to divorce.

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