Incredible Wedding Venues in Canada

Your wedding day is among the most important days in your life and therefore you cannot have any imperfections on details pertaining to the wedding. The quality of your wedding in most cases depends on the venue where you decide to hold the ceremony and the number of guests you choose to invite. There are several wedding venues which vary in sizes and prices according to the number of guests expected to attend the wedding in Canada. Most of these wedding venues are in hotels and therefore provide catering services as well. There are several wedding venues in Canada which include:

Yellowhead Brewery

Yellowhead Brewery is another amazing place which not only offers amazing beers and drinks but also unique and serene venues to hold different events. Yellowhead Brewery is located at Edmonton. Yellowhead Brewery provides a venue to hold different events like weddings, adult birthday party, reunions, anniversaries, bachelor party, conference meetings and bachelorette party.

Features of Yellowhead Brewery

  • Yellowhead Brewery has private rooms and therefore your guests get a place to spend before and after the wedding.
  • Yellowhead Brewery has halls for holding events like weddings and the capacity of these halls is up to 100 guests.
  • Has a talented live band that plays different types of songs and thus providing entertainment during the reception at affordable prices
  • Yellowhead Brewery has spacious and secure parking space.
  • Free Wi-Fi connection and thus your guests remain connected to the world.
  • Has kitchens which mostly makes Canadian cuisines which are perfect meals to serve at a Canadian wedding reception.
  • With the newly opened beer taste room, the reception becomes perfect and complete.
  • Yellowhead Brewery provides decoration services at weddings held in their halls.

Sugar Swing Ballroom

Sugar Swing Ballroom is a unique serene venue which is Whyte Avenue that is always available for reservation. Sugar Swing Ballroom has a calm garden that serves as a perfect wedding venue. Moreover, the venue not only allows adults but also children and therefore no limitations on the type of guests you choose to invite to your wedding.


  • Has a kitchen that’s available for hire and therefore making reception easy.
  • Has a live music band that performs freely at the events held in the Sugar Swing Ballroom.
  • Sugar Swing Ballroom is large enough to accommodate up to 150 guests.
  • Provides tents and chairs for weddings at affordable prices.

The Eglinton Grand

The Eglinton Grand is an incredible wedding venue at Whyte Avenue which has several venues for different events like weddings, church services, conference meetings, birthday parties and baby shower parties among others.

Features of the Eglinton Grand

  • Can accommodate more than 200 guests.
  • Has ample parking space.
  • Has kitchens which are available for hire and thus making your wedding reception better and affordable.
  • The Eglinton Grand has chairs and tents which in case you decide to have an outdoor wedding or event.
  • Provides free decorations for weddings for free.
  • Provides dinnerware for free for wedding receptions held there.
  • The Eglinton Grand has several talented DJs and live music bands which are always available to perform in wedding receptions.

Acadia Recreation Complex

Acadia Recreation Complex is another unique and amazing venue for different events which is locate at Whyte Avenue. Acadia has both complex halls and gardens and therefore the choice is always left to you. Moreover, services provided at Acadia Recreation Complex are always very cheap and affordable.

Features of Acadia Recreation Complex

  • Acadia provides free parking space which is large and ample.
  • The halls at Acadia Recreation Complex can hold up to more than 400 guests.
  • Acadia provides free decoration services for weddings.
  • Acadia Recreation Complex has a music band which performs in events held there.
  • Acadia has kitchens which are always available for hire at affordable prices and this makes your wedding reception affordable and manageable.
  • Acadia Recreation Complex provides different sizes of tents and for hire at affordable prices.
  • Has smoking rooms for the comfort of all your guests who smoke.
  • Provides playing grounds and recreations like a bouncing castle for children.

Other wedding venues which offer amazing services in Canada at affordable prices include St Vital Mustangs, Pineridge Community Centre, Circle H Ranch, Edmonton Oilfield Technical Society and Hannas on the Waterfront among others. These wedding venues are located in different towns around Canada and can hold as many guests as possible. Moreover, the prices are affordable and the employees in each of these venues work to ensure that your wedding is perfect.

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