Baby Says “No” to Baths: How to Make Them Say “Yes”

Does your baby hate bath time? Do they take a lot of convincing and begging just to get your baby to say “Yes” to baths? Even though most babies enjoy bath time, there are babies that scream and cry at the sound, sight, and, touch of water. You cannot leave your child dirty all day long, so you have to power through the screams and tears to give them a bath.

By now, you probably dread bath time more than your baby does. What was supposed to be a warm and soothing bath time routine has now turned into an absolute nightmare for you. Do not wave the white flag in defeat just yet because with these tips, bath time just got easier.

1. Bathe Your Baby When They Are Well-rested and Fed

A hungry and sleep-deprived baby is a cranky baby. If your baby is hungry or sleepy at the time of the bath, it is not a good idea to give them a bath.

2. Replace the Bathtub

If your baby does not like the bathtub, replace it with a towel. Place a towel on the counter and fill a bucket with warm water. Use baby soap and a washcloth to give your baby a bath. Use a liquid soap, squirting it on the washcloth and then gently washing your baby with it. After you have given your baby a bath, wrap them up in a dry towel. After a while, put your baby in the bathtub with warm water.

3. Distract Your Baby

You can distract your baby with a toy or by singing or talking to them during bath time. If you feel your baby is about to cry or scream, you can sing or talk to them. Find out what method works for your baby to keep them calm during bath time.

4. Gradually Put Your Baby in the Bathtub

Place your baby in an empty bathtub and add warm water to another bathtub. Begin by pouring warm water on your baby’s toes and gradually, pour water on the rest of their body. If you feel your baby is about to cry, sing to them or give them their favorite toy to distract them. If you want, you can place a heater in the bathroom. If your baby hates the sound of water as it fills the bathtub, ensure to fill the bathtub with it before you bring them in the bathroom.

5. The Bath Pillow Trick

Have you heard of a bath pillow? A bath pillow is soft, cushiony, and remains the same temperature as the water in the bathtub. You can get one made from rubber, but there are bath pillows made of other materials available. When you put your baby on the bath pillow, their feet will hang off, allowing them to move their feet in the water. You can also visit a baby shop to get your baby some bath toys to play with during bath time.

6. Take a Bath with Your Baby

Try bathing with your baby. When you bathe with your baby, they will more comfortable and secure, knowing you are with them. You can adjust the temperature of the water. You can hold your baby in your arms or sit with them on the floor of the shower. Ensure the water sprays away from them.

7. Soak the Hooded Bath Towel

Soak your baby’s hooded bath towel with warm water, place in their bath seat, and wrap them up in it. Uncover and cover each of their limbs, from head to two, until your baby is all clean. This way, your baby will stay warm throughout the bath.

8. Keep the Same Bath Time Routine

Babies do not like change, so stick to a bath time routine. This means giving them a bath at the same time or near the same time each day. You can keep toys in the bathtub to distract them and when your baby is done with the bath, you can reward them with hugs and kisses, telling them how good they were throughout the whole thing. You can also experiment with bath time by bathing them in the morning and if they do not like morning baths, try giving them a bath in the night.

Tips to Make Bath Time More Enjoyable

Use the following tips to make bath time a more enjoyable experience for your baby:

  • Get special bath toys for your baby, such as toys that squirt water, toys that make a squeaky noise, bath crayons, and more.
  • Use bath time as an opportunity to bond with your baby by singing songs, reading stories, and playing games with them.
  • Let your baby bathe their dolls while you give them a bath.

Before you know it, your baby will love bath time. It just takes time and patience to make your baby love baths.

If you have any questions, please ask below!