Endearing Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones in Australia

Australia is a wonderful country which has opened its economic gates hugely for foreign countries and as a result, many Indians have settled there in the past few decades. Many people say that once people have started living there, they will hardly leave that place because not only money, the atmosphere is also peaceful and serene there. So, if you also have one such friend or relative who lives in Australia, you can now send them gifts anytime to celebrate a specific occasion.

Now comes the question, what to send? Here are some quick suggestions:

  1. Simple, innocent and Serene – Flowers never fail to create that Magic

A flower is always an endearing gift for the one you love. Sweet, innocent, simple, and serene are the words to describe a flower gift. Suppose there is no occasion and you are just missing your loved one’s presence by your side, you can let that person know with a flower. Stargazer Lilies, red and pink Carnations, White Orchids, and Sweetheart roses are those flowers that depict your “I Miss You” note.


  1. A Personalized Painting or a Sketch that takes you back in the old times

A painting of your home and town/village would also be a nostalgic gift. Paint it on your own if you know painting or get it sketched by a creative artist. The intricacies of your home and people should be captured in that painting. Or the sketch can have a normal roadside show that would bring your friends memory of those old days back.

  1. Home Made Sweets – No Patisserie in the world can beat that

Home-made sweets can be another option that you can opt for sending a gift to someone who is thousands of miles away. Of course, to make these home-made sweets last longer you have to use preservatives. But at least he/she would get a taste of home.

Chocolate Cake

  1. Order a Cake to delight your friend

You can send your friend a nice cake of his favorite flavor on his birthday along with a greeting card. Open Skype using the internet and see him cut the cake at midnight hours of his birthday.

Lucky Bamboo

  1. Nothing can be better than lucky bamboo as a house warming gift

To congratulate on a newly acquired house, you can send a lucky bamboo indoor plant along with a Ganesha idol. We Indians believe that to start anything new, we should seek blessings from the Ganesha as he showers prosperity and good luck.

Anniversary occasions also shouldn’t be missed by you. Send your heartfelt love wishes for the couple with a nice showpiece made of brass. This would work as a nice home décor item.


If you have any questions, please ask below!