Great Gift Ideas for International Women’s Day

international-womens-dayWhile we’re all familiar with special occasions like Christmas and Valentines’ Day, few people actively celebrate International Women’s Day. This is a pity, as International Women’s Day, which is celebrated annually on March 8, is a celebration of how far women have come in obtaining equality. Chances are there’s a special woman in your life you’d like to celebrate with on International Women’s Day this year—whether mother, sister, partner or friend. Here are some great gift ideas to surprise that special woman in your life this 8th of March.

Wall Hanging Photo Print

While your recipient might be as independent as the next person, there’s no denying that close relationships are important to everyone, man or woman. Select a picture of your special lady and some of her nearest and dearest and have a canvas print made out. This deeply personal gift can be displayed on a wall in her home or office and will serve as a daily reminder that she is loved.

Name card holder

Chances are, that very special woman in your life has a career she’s proud of. Despite increasing equality in the workplace, women still lag behind men in terms of salary and number of positions in upper management. Getting your recipient a beautiful name card holder will enable her to network with ease and encourage her to continue striving to do well in her career. It is a small item that won’t take up much space in her bag but will help her to create an impression at a first meeting.

Air tickets

Gone are the days when women travelling without their husbands was frowned upon. These days, many women love the thrill of travel, whether alone or with friends. Air tickets or travel vouchers make the perfect gift for that lady in your life who would rather go hiking or explore a foreign city than visit a shopping mall. If you know she’s been dying to visit Thailand or go scuba diving in Cairns, get some vouchers from a travel agency that she can use to plan the trip of her dreams.


Just because women can do it all and have it all doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a bit of pampering every now and then. Spoil her with a beautiful piece of jewellery so she feels as special as can be. You don’t have to spend a fortune. A simple silver pendant or a pair of tasteful earrings need not cost a lot of money but will still be treasured if selected by a loved one.

A bottle of wine

There’s nothing quite like celebrating over a bottle of wine under the stars or by candlelight. When you present to her a bottle of wine, you’re also offering her a memorable evening in your company and giving both of you the chance to enjoy each other’s presence. As always, the most important thing isn’t the actual gift or how much it costs, but rather the sincerity behind the act of giving.

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