Kids Living With A Gap Between Their Front Teeth

Bullying is a major problem in schools. While officials are doing their best to combat it, bullies are still managing to do what they do best. Kids with physical imperfections and obvious struggles are prey to bullies. With that said, some children are strong enough to stand up to the bullies. So, they never have to deal with a second time. Children with gaps between their front teeth are speaking out about bullying.


Many children with gaps between their front teeth have admitted to being self-conscious about their imperfections. They know that they are going to be a target for bullying as soon as they enter school. The gap is so obvious that it is difficult for others to not notice it.

Moreover, some children have problems with bad breath due to their gap. Chronic bad breath is a common problem for people with a gap because it causes odor-causing bacteria to build up inside the mouth a lot easier – according to the team atFinally Get Rid of Bad Breath.

So you can imagine how self-conscious a child can feel about themselves when they have bad breath and a gap to go along with it. This combination can make anyone become a target of bullying and not want to be around other people.


When children are self-conscious about their imperfections, it shows. In fact, other children typically know that they are self-conscious even though they do choose to not mention it. But, a bully is not going to pass up an opportunity to take advantage of the situation. Name-calling is one of the bully’s biggest weapons. They find imperfection and utilize it against their victim. And, the victim is left feeling more self-conscious than ever before.


Unlike some imperfections, a gap between the front teeth is very noticeable. Makeup or clothing will not work to cover up the gap. Children must learn to embrace their gaps at a very young age to be strong enough to stand up to bullying. Parents need to encourage their children and tell them that everyone has imperfections. Whether the imperfections are visible or hidden on private areas of the body, they are still imperfections.

Standing Up

Children who embrace their gaps are more likely to stand up a bully. They have come to terms with their gap, so it is no longer an issue. When you live with something your entire life, it is only natural to put it in the back of your mind. And, when someone does mention it you might feel caught off guard. Standing up to bullies requires courage and strength. It also helps to have other children there to back you up.

Treatment Options

While some parents choose to not seek treatment for their children’s gaps, others do not hesitate. There are several treatment options that work effectively to close gaps between front teeth. These options include dental bonding, invisible aligners, braces and veneers. Most parents choose braces because they believe they are the most effective treatment for gaps. But, they forget to realize that the other options are just as effective and do not require long-term maintenance like braces. For example, veneers can correct gaps with only three trips to the dentist and they are permanent.

Another effective treatment option for correcting gaps between front teeth is invisible aligners. These devices are designed to offer discrepancy for children and adults with gaps. They are less noticeable than braces and they can be removed. The only downside to this option is longer treatment. It may take anywhere from six to 12 months to see improvement. And, more severe gaps may take longer than that, so speak to your child’s dentist to determine the best treatment option.

Dental bonding offers the quickest and easiest fix for gaps between teeth. The procedure involves an application of resin material to the teeth. The resin is the natural color of teeth, so it is not noticeable. The dentist shapes the resin to make it look natural and then hardens it with a special light. This process works by bonding the resin material to the tooth closest to the gap. It requires a single visit to the dentist with no need for a follow up. And, the best part is the resin can be reversed if you decide to have it removed later on down the road.

Veneers can correct gaps between front teeth immediately after application. They resemble natural teeth, so no one even knows that they are there. The biggest downside to veneers is the expense. One veneer costs on average of $1,300. And, traditional dental insurance does not cover veneers because they are classified as cosmetic. So, parents will have to pay out-of-pocket for their child’s veneers.


Children with gaps need to learn how to embrace their imperfections. There is no need to fix a gap just to blend in with society. Many children and adults are living with gaps. They have learned to accept and appreciate their gaps. The more parents speak to their children about their gaps, the easier it will be for them to accept it. If your child starts suffering from low self-esteem seek help immediately.

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