The Benefits of Tracing Your Genealogical Roots

family-treeI love hearing stories especially the ones that grandparents tell during family gatherings. These stories give us a glimpse of our ancestors' lives and how they managed to survive trying times. This is also the reason why I find tracing genealogical roots fascinating. They give us that link into the past and how those events affected our present. For those who need a reason to start digging into their past, these suggestions could be incentive for you to start searching for family.

A Wealth of Stories

If you are adopted and you decide to search for your real family, you just might uncover a wealth of stories that will help your future. Adoptive parents rock especially when they welcome you into their hearts and treat you like one of their own, never mind that you have different blood flowing in your veins. But sometimes, curiosity can lead you on a quest to find your biological parents and learn about the fascinating history of your genealogical roots. Wouldn’t it be cool to have two sets of parents–biological and adoptive? You might also discover the reason why your real parents gave you up. Perhaps times were hard then and they had to give you up so that you could have a better future with another family. Even if the truth may be a bittersweet pill to swallow, it's better to know it than wondering the rest of your life why.

Medical History

Hair color and other physical features are not the things you can inherit from your biological family. Medical conditions can also be passed down from generation to generation. Some families have an increased genetic risk of getting a disease like diabetes, cancer or early heart disease. Some conditions may have ethnic roots while others are passed on in the genes. If you know your family's medical background, you have a better understanding of the health risks involved and can take the necessary precautions to prevent them. For example, if your family is prone to diabetes, you can cut down on your sweets and look for healthier alternatives for sugar. Greater knowledge of your family's medical history can help you discover the things that will impact your health.


Knowing about your family helps you to know who you are, like who do you take after or what similar traits you share with other family members. Some talents are also inherent, passed on from parents to their children. If you are adopted, tracing your roots may lead you to uncover the truth about your family and how much you might have in common with them. You can start your search through Facebook or through an online zip code resource. There's no need for your adoptive parents to fear alienation when you search for your biological ones. You're not leaving them. You're just trying to find yourself–who you are. Knowing where you come from is crucial in fulfilling this journey of self-discovery. Learning all about your family can help mold your character and become who you are truly meant to be.

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