Family-Friendly Activities in the Summer Time

pig-eating-icecreamThe summer months can feel endless with kids out of school and sticky days making everyone feel sluggish and tired. When it is a hundred degrees and humid outside, it's tempting to sit in a dark room watching TV all day snacking on popsicles and ice cream, but the summer months hold more in the way of adventure. Without school commitments tying the family to a strict schedule, you can truly live in the moment!

Read on for three healthy activities you can do with your children all summer long to stay cool without becoming a couch potato.

Go for a bike ride

No matter how hot it is outside, when you hop on your bike, the air feels considerably cooler as it whooshes across your skin. Find a local trail that provides plenty of shade from the trees overhead and you can bike for miles without realizing just how hot it really is outside. Drink plenty of water and pour some over your head from time to time to prevent heat stroke. Avoid sunny sections of pavement and stay off hot asphalt as much as possible. If you stick to the shade and bike at a leisurely pace, it's a great way to fit in your daily exercise.

Take a dip

Look up pools in your town and check when they are open to the public. Many swim centers have hours allocated for community members even if it's normally a private facility. No pool in your area? Set up a sprinkler in your yard or driveway and run through it to stay cool.

Indoor cooking classes

If you just can't bear to head outside but you still want to beat the heat, try taking an indoor cooking class. You can learn healthy recipes and save money by cooking at home instead of going out to eat. Most cooking courses last several hours and take place in air-conditioned classrooms. If the room gets hot, you can always stand in the giant refrigerator for a minute or two until you fully cool off.

Make fruit smoothies

Hit up the frozen foods aisle at the local grocery store and grab bags of strawberries, blueberries, and peaches. When you're home, blend up the fruit with milk or yogurt, honey, and grated ginger for a spicy, refreshing summer beverage that's good and good for you!

Find a rink

There's nothing like ice to cool you down in the summertime. Find the nearest indoor skating rink and take the family for an afternoon in arctic temperatures. Work up a sweat skating, but without the risk of heat stroke or dehydration. Indoor skating arenas are kept cold enough to keep the ice frozen so you are guaranteed a respite from the oppressive heat outside.

Most people head towards the pool or ocean to cool off when the temperature spikes but there are plenty of other ways to keep the kids happy and productive during the summer months. Remember, when you do head outside, wear plenty of sunscreen and drink water regularly. If you start to feel thirsty, that's a sign you're already dehydrated.

Follow these tips and you and your family can stay cool and comfortable throughout the summer months!

If you have any questions, please ask below!