Fun Custom T-shirt Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Adding a photo of a grandchild or the recent family reunion is a good idea for a random t-shirt, but there are ways to be even more personal in the custom tee department. Grandparents love handmade gifts because it takes creativity and time. Up your game and get creative with a design for clothing that is perfect for showing off.

Grandchildren Count

Grandchildren Count t-shirt

It is very simple to count off how many grandkids there are, but it takes just a little bit of time to make it creative. Are there a dozen? Is it up in the air as to whether there will be more? “We’ve got 12 crazy grandkids!” Or how about adding ‘with more on the way’ at the end? First names alongside the year they were born is fun. For a grandparent to only one, how about “Sally is my favorite grandchild.”

Name and Location

Are the grandchildren spread out all over the country, or even the world? Add a name and their state, or country, to the design. This is a fun way to keep everyone connected, even if only on a t-shirt. Do they travel to see everyone every year or two? Add a line about how many miles they travel in a year, or about how credit card miles come in so handy.

Brag, Brag and Brag Some More

Each of the kids is good at something, even if the infant’s specialty is clearing a room at diaper time. Davy is a straight-A student, Susan loves taking care of her pets and Mikey has decided he likes to to paint. If the painting was on Grandmother’s mirror, you might not want to mention it. Give the gift of gab, as brag-shirts are an excellent prompt for many conversations with friends and family.

Share Memories


Single-word recollection of a good memory is a perfect way to add personality and warmth. If each grandchild could sum up a favorite memory in one word, what would it be? Cookies, cakes, beach, park, knitting, quilt, farm and laughter are a few that may come to mind. Wearing the memories is a way to share and appreciate time spent together, even when apart.

Use Their Catch Phrase

Does Grandpa always say, “Don’t tell Grandma, but here’s a cookie”? While it may be a bit unfair to call him out on his sneakiness, she knew what was happening in her kitchen. Pick their favorite phrase and plaster it on a custom t-shirt to let everyone know just how awesome it is to be one of their grandchildren.

There are a lot of creative ways to express love and appreciation towards grandparents, and a custom t-shirt isn’t a bad way to go. Whether it is worn all the time or hung in the closet with care, the thoughtfulness and creativity of the gift will be felt all the time. Luckily, you don’t even have to be an artist. Custom printing has come along fabulously and even a change in font or color of the fabric is easy and pretty efficient in creating original ideas. Quirky and fun or plain and simple, you know what they will enjoy. Have fun!

Published on behalf of Ms. Meghan Lunsford, a professional blogger that shares advice on custom t-shirt printing and design. She writes for Ink Imprints, where you can create and design t-shirts online.

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