Jewish Wedding Traditions

jewish-weddingWeddings are not just about the bride and groom and them becoming one, although a big part of it is, of course. Weddings are also a reflection of the couples' roots and tradition, as well as their culture and this can also be said of Jewish weddings.

Once a couple is engaged they meet with a Rabi to select a date for their wedding. A Jewish wedding invitation has two sides, with one being written in Hebrew and the other in English. There is a Jewish tradition of giving to the poor during times of joy, some couples have decided to note in invitations that instead of a gift for themselves, the guests can make a donation to charity. This is often accompanied by a biblical text.

According to Jewish tradition, it is customary for the bride (kallah) and the groom (chatan) not to see each other a week before the wedding. Before the wedding the bride and the groom greet guests separately, this is known as “Kabbalat Panim”.

The ‘chuppah'.

Another important part of the Jewish wedding is the ‘chuppah' which is a similar to a canopy; the wedding ceremony takes place under this. The Chuppah symbolizes the new home that the new couple will build together. The chuppah is open to all sides this is taken after, Abraham and Sarah’s tent which was open to all sides as well-this was to symbolize welcoming people with hospitality.

There are two cups of wine that are used in a Jewish wedding ceremony. The first cup of wine comes with the marriage blessings which are recited by the rabbi. After the blessings are recited the couple then drinks from the cup of wine.
The second cup of wine comes into play when the Seven Blessings or the Sheva Brachot is recited. The theme of the blessing is that the bride and groom are linked to the Jewish faith in God.

Breaking of the glass.

Of course a Jewish wedding will not be complete without the breaking of the glass. A glass is placed on the floor and is stepped on by the groom.
With the many different traditions and practices that come with a Jewish wedding you have to make sure that there is an amazing video that comes from it as well as beautiful photos of course. Not only is this your wedding day but it is also a celebration of your heritage and culture.

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