4 Tips For Better Relationships

Relationships in crisisRelationships with those dear to us add meaning and value to our lives, so it's important to support and grow those relationships with our friends, partners and families. Over the years, the initial connection and relationship we may have had with those dear to us can fall apart a bit or need a little work to get it back to the way it was when you first met. Whether you're looking to rekindle the romance with your partner, or reconnect with a dear old friend, these tips can help you repair, rebuild and re-nurture your relationships for happier, healthier companionship.

Don't Be Afraid of Professional Help

Sometimes no matter how good your intentions or what you try to do to improve things in your relationship, you may need professional help. It's not about laying the blame or pinpointing a problem, but more about learning how to communicate about problems more effectively to produce the result you really want. It can also help to have an impartial third party on hand to mediate the situation if you are really struggling with an argument or disagreement with someone.

Sometimes you may be aware that it's the way you're feeling or handling things that's interfering with your relationship, and getting professional help with that can be very useful too. You may be suffering from anxiety or depression which has an effect on your moods and therefore, your relationships. Talking this through with a professional counsellor can really help to clarify your life and bring some relief to difficult feelings you may be having. If you find it hard to control your temper, anger management counselling can have an amazing effect on helping you to recognise and control your reactions, which really has a profoundly beneficial effect on your relationships.

Get Excited

Whether you're dealing with a romantic relationship or a friendship, chances are that when you first met that person you had a lot of fun together and did a lot more exciting things. That trend seems to fizzle out over time, however it's never too late to reignite the spark and make your relationship interesting and exciting again.

Think about the things you used to do and enjoy together, and try to bring some of those elements back into the relationship. If it's a romantic relationship, perhaps try revisiting some of the restaurants, parks, shows or other places you used to love to go together. Have a buddy you always use to go cycling with? Why not get out the bikes and brighten your friendship by sharing a day on wheels. Revisiting favourite old activities brings back good memories from the past and fun times for the present for you both to enjoy.

Learn to Communicate

Communication really is a skill that needs to be learned and is about so much more than just talking or even asking questions. Good communication involves asking the right questions at the right time, understanding your partners needs and knowing when not to talk as well as when to talk.

One of the key parts of learning to communicate is knowing how to talk about your feelings without blaming the other person, and also to understand that when the other person is having certain feelings, those feelings aren't your responsibility or your fault. This can help to prevent reactivity while still allowing you both to honestly talk about how you feel.

Spend Quality Time

It's quality not quantity, right? Spending ‘good' time together means doing more than just asking ‘how was your day?' when your partner gets home from work. It also means you may need to do more than just call your friend once a month when you need her help to talk to about your love life.

A great way to make sure you spend quality time with someone is to schedule a time to catch up with your friend and do something fun together, or plan a dedicated date night with your special someone once every week to have a chance to chat, relax and enjoy your time together.


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