How to Create a Dating Profile That Will Get Noticed

online-datingYou've had your online dating profile posted for two weeks, but you've barely had a nibble-not a cheesy emoticon wink, not a virtual rose, nothing. What gives? It's not you who's boring-it's your profile that needs some personality. Remember, whoever glances at your page has probably already glazed over 25 (or 50, or 100) others. Everything about your little slice of the Internet has to stand out, from your photo to your word choice and even your tone.

Say Cheese

It's undeniable that the only way you're going to get someone to read your profile is if you lure them in with your photo. Hunt through your collection to find one that was taken outside during the first or last couple hours of sunlight-this is usually the most flattering lighting for most people. Plus, the interesting glow will immediately catch another dater's eye.

There's nothing wrong with showing a little skin, as long as it's actually a little and not worthy of a Playboy spread. Muscular arms and toned shoulders or a sexy v-neck? Totally fine. Oiled six pack or more cleavage than any other body part? You're going to attract the wrong people. You've been warned.

Lastly, photos that were taken by someone else are usually more appealing than self portraits, because the poses are less awkward and the photos show that you have a full, fun life.

About Me

Don't mistake the "About Me" section for the "All About Me" section. It's also not the "About Me…and Everyone Else in the World" section. We know you like spending a night in to watch a movie, curling up with a good book and relaxing on the beach. You know how we know? Because most people with a pulse like those things.

Talk about traits, preferences and experiences that are so very you, and detail them. Love coffee? No you don't-you love coconut French press coffee from your favorite cafe in Seattle. Spend your weekends perusing museums? Or do you spend most Saturdays walking around the Guggenheim as you listen to Regina Spektor on your headphones? List three to five interesting "About Me" facets, but keep them right. That means nothing too deep, sad, personal, taboo or controversial.

Tone and Style

Remember that you're not interviewing for a position, you're looking for a romantic connection. Skip resume speak and be yourself. "Forward thinker with a knack for social media," sounds great if you want to take over a new client's marketing strategy. "Down-to-earth peach of a girl with a soft spot for pit bull puppies," is more likely to get you dinner on Saturday night, though.

A note about using proper English: You don't have to be a wordsmith to know when to capitalize a letter or how to tell the difference between "their" and "there." You shouldn't be judged exclusively on your command of grammar and punctuation, but since you're leading with your written word, it's best to make it as spot on as possible. Prefer run-on sentences and can't spell to save your life? Have a word-savvy friend look over your profile before you post it for the world to see.

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