Are Hookup Apps Worth Your Time?

Unless you are a genuine Don Juan, it can be very challenging to find a quick hookup. In fact, you actually have to put a lot of effort even into a casual fling. You must go through the trouble of dressing up nice, go to bars and nightclubs, scan potential candidates, and find a compatible person, who wants nothing else than a good time. The general belief is that men are the ones looking for hookups, while women are the ones looking for serious relationships. While this may be true for the majority of people, there are also women who are looking for casual affairs, since nowadays, less and less women have time for serious relationships. As such, it should come as no surprise that hookup apps are becoming increasingly popular. These apps promise to put you in contact with numerous compatible people, so that you can quickly find someone nearby looking for a night of fun. However, things are not always what they seem, and while dating apps are easier than conventional dating, they too have some challenges. Keep on reading to discover whether or not, hookup platforms are the right choice for you.

How do they work?

There are two types of hookup platforms. One the one hand you have websites, which can be accessed from any device. On the other hand, you have apps, which can be accessed from any smart device, be it a smartphone or a tablet. Both types of platforms work in a similar way. You have to create a profile, featuring some basic information and a profile picture, after which you can start browsing nearby people. If you like someone, the platforms will give you an option to let that person know that you are interested in them. However, they can only know if you are interested in them if they also like your profile. When both parties have liked each other, they can initiate a chat. From there, things can move as slowly or as fast as the two parties want. Some people get together for a quick hookup immediately after they like each other, while others can chat for weeks before actually going on a date. It mostly depends on the platform that you use, as some are notoriously known to be used strictly for hookups, while others are used for any type of relationship, even companionship. It also matters how opened you are with your intentions. While your profile shouldn’t openly state that you are only looking for a quick hookup, when you chat with someone, you shouldn’t try to deceive them that you are looking for a serious relationship, as that might drive them to want to take things slowly.

Websites or apps?

Both types of platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages. Websites tend to be more transparent, as they feature more information, and they have more options, such as video chat capabilities. However, websites are difficult to access from a mobile device, so they can only be used from home. Apps, on the other hand, have less features, but they are more intuitive and easier to use. Moreover, apps have the great advantage of portability, so you can use them at any time, from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a smart device and an internet connection. Choosing the right platform depends on your lifestyle and your personal preferences, as there isn’t a single platform that is right for everybody.

Best hookup websites

Most hookup websites have been around for many years, and are struggling to keep up with the latest tech trends by also offering an app option. However, they mostly have loyal users who prefer to use the websites. Among the available options, the most popular hookup websites are the following:

  • Fling – This is a free website that has been around since the 90s and it also has an app version now. The great thing about Fling is that it offers you numerous ways to interact with potential love interests. You can visit their profile page, you can add them to your friends list or you can invite them to a video chat. The problem with flying is that it doesn’t have a system for finding you compatible candidates, and its paid version is quite expensive and doesn’t offer enough features to be worth the money.
  • Snapsext – This is a very visual website, but it is ideal if you are only looking for a casual affair, and you don’t care much about the other person’s personality. It is also very intuitive, easy to use and it offers numerous options to interact with the users.
  • Benaughty – This site is also known for casual affairs and quick hookups. The problem with the site is that it can be costly for men. On the other hand, it is completely free for women, which means that female users are very active on this website. Moreover, this website has a great location feature which makes it easy for you to find nearby potential love interests.
  • Adultfriendfinder – This is considered by many to be the best dating website, and it is suitable for people with different sexual preferences. This is also a veteran dating site which has been around since the 90s. This site also has a lot of great features, such as the possibility to chat, video chat or share content with other users. The only problem is that in order to interact with potential love interests, you will have to pay a fee. However, this is a reputable website, and unlike other similar platforms, you will encounter few fake profiles here.

Best hookup apps

While hookup websites appeal to people of all ages, hookup apps are more popular among the younger generations who are more tech-savvy, and who are constantly connected to their smart devices. There are dozens of apps to choose from, but only a handful of them enjoy worldwide popularity.

  • Tinder – It should come as no surprise that this is the most popular dating app. It is mostly free, although paid memberships offer some great benefits for the users that are very active. The problem with Tinder is that it is advertised as a general dating app, so if you are only looking for a quick hookup, you will have to carefully filter your candidates, as many are also looking for romantic relationships.
  • Blendr –This app is known for being the best choice for introverts. It doesn’t require you to connect to a social media account in order to sign up for the app, which means that you can remain completely anonymous. On the downside, this increases the chances of fake profiles, so you need to be careful when scanning your candidates.
  • Flirtbuddies – This app offers some great features for the free accounts, although it will spam you with a lot of ads. However, it is a great app for flirts and casual hookups.
  • Down – Although this app is suitable for both hookups and romantic relationships, it does offer you the possibility to filter candidates based on your interests. Moreover, this is one of the few apps that is suitable for people of all sexual preferences.
  • AffairAlert – This app is strictly for casual affairs, so there is little room for romance hear. It also has a good location system to help you find nearby candidates. Signing up is free and the app give you the opportunity to be clear about your intentions from the start, so that you don’t waste your time with people with different intentions.

Which is the right hookup platform for you?

First of all, if you are only looking for flings and quick hookups, filter the apps which are suitable for all types of relationships, even if they give you the possibility to state your intentions from the start. It will be easier if you use an app that is designed strictly for hookups. One app that you should completely avoid is Bumble, which is notoriously known for serious relationships. Secondly, if you actually want to move past chats and video chats and meet in real life, look for apps that have a good location system. If you are also looking for a person that shares your interests, make sure to choose a platform with a good matching system. To decrease the possibility of dealing with fake accounts, choose platforms that require you to authenticate with a social media account. Last but not least, when it comes to deciding between apps and websites consider when you would have the time or when you would be in the mood to look for potential candidates, and whether or not that would happen at home or when you are on the move.

As you can see, hookup platforms can be very diverse, so it is almost impossible not to find something that suits your tastes. All you have to do is decide from the start what type of relationship you are looking for and what type of features would make it easier for you to find a suitable candidate. Moreover, keep in mind that these apps can’t do miracles, so once you find the right app, you will have to create an attractive profile, and put a little effort into convincing your matches to actually go out with you on a date. Once you are on a real date, the same rules of traditional dating apply, except now you have the advantage of knowing a few things about your date, and you can use that information to guide the night according to your desires. Things can be quite easy if you both establish from the start the rules of the date.

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