8 Things to take care of on your first date (for Women)

boringdate_terraNo matter how confident a person you are, the first date thing still makes you a tad bit nervous. When you are going to meet a person face to face for the first time, it’s only obvious that you would be preoccupied with several thoughts regarding a lot of issues.

You go all confused about what to wear and what to speak, how to carry on witty conversations and so on. However, the idea is to manage things in a wise manner and take into account few aspects of the dating affair. Here are a few tips that might help you to deal well with your first date.

  1. Dress-up

While it’s not about how gorgeous you look, you must take a little care about your dressing sense. Because, that’s going to say a lot on the type of person you are. Do not wear something in which you are not comfortable.

Get hold of your favourite dress that you have worn before and can manage without any hindrance. It need not be extremely gorgeous that might give you a party look. Just wear something casual yet pretty. Also, keep the weather in mind. Dress up accordingly.

  1. Accessories

Pairing up proper accessories is a good thing to do. If you are not sure yourself, take advices from friends with good fashion sense. Do not experiment with your looks on your first date. Try out something that you have done before and have managed quite well.

  1. What you speak is more important

The first impression might be built on your appearance but it can soon fade away if you are not speaking well.

Speaking well does not mean that you have to continue giving unnecessary details using jargons. Also, do not speak for long about such things which do not seem to interest the person on the other side of the table.

Be smart in using words. And, be a patient listener. Don’t be over-interested in what he says, nor uninterested. You can talk about a lot of things.

For example, start with plans about your career and take the conversation to favourite books and movies. Get to know about each other’s family members and so on.

  1. Don’t hesitate to establish your points

Do not fumble when it comes to small arguments over little differences of ideas. Take it lightly but do establish your points.

Let the other person know your ideologies and principles. However, do not argue blatantly. Add a quick sense of humour to make things easy. This will serve your points in a better way.

  1. Insist on paying your share

Gone are the days when you would eat up your share of the food and the bill will be paid by the man.

Even to this day, most of the waiters hand over the bill to the male partner. But you are a sensible woman and hence, insist on giving your own share.

No matter how much he refuses, pay your bill. Present the best possible version of yourself.

Be the best version of you.

When they say be yourself, only present the parts of you that you deem good qualities.

  1. Be punctual

Don’t keep the person waiting for too long on your first date. Be at the spot on time. Being late does not create a very good impression.

  1. Keep depressing thoughts aside

Try not to mention all your depressing thoughts or stuffs like medicine, disease and so on. You will have enough time to speak on that later. Try to maintain a happy and cheerful ambience.

  1. Click a photo

Do not refuse if you are asked to click a selfie with your date. To share it on social media is totally a personal choice.

You can preserve the memory of your first date by clicking a photo together. You never know, if things progress as they should, you will end up having a really fine treasure! In this context, you must be informed that the best people for photography, especially on the occasions of marriage be contacted at wedding photo booth.

After all, it’s just a first date. And so, in the interests of improving both men’s and women’s odds of hitting it off and making it to date number two, above is my list of well-intentioned moves that women might take a note of.

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