Using Technology to Make Wedding Planning Easier

Planning a wedding is difficult enough when you have help, but if you and your fiancé are going it alone, then it can seem impossible to get everything done. Luckily, there are a lot of sites and different technologies that can help make the process easier. Tech like chat programs makes it easier to collaborate with those in the wedding party and those helping to plan in real time. Apps help with management. Many tools are now available.

If you and your fiancé are planning your wedding on your own, or even if you just need a little extra help, there’s a lot of technology that you can use to take control of your wedding plans and keep things organized, giving yourselves more time to spend together and get ready for your new life after you say, “I do.”

Planning Apps

Keeping everything organized can be difficult to do. From finding all of the right vendors to scheduling tux fittings, touring the venue to setting up before the event, there’s a lot of things to schedule, a lot of things to remember, and a lot of things you may not know. Luckily, there are also a lot of wedding planning apps that can help you keep everything straight and get it all taken care of. They almost automate the process, making wedding planning easier and less stressful.

Wedding Websites

One of the biggest hassles of wedding planning is getting the word out and collecting addresses to send out invitations. Rather than hand collecting them one by one, many couples are starting to use wedding websites where they can share the details of their big day and collect addresses from guests who want a physical invitation. It saves a lot of time, money, and effort. Also, sites like Azazie save you tons of time finding and buying the perfect dress, giving you more time to focus on other important planning areas.

Online Registries

Another aspect of wedding planning and preparation that can take a lot of time is registering for gifts. You have to drive from store to store and walk through each one, selecting the items you want and need. With online registries, you can sit back, relax, turn Netflix on in the background, and find everything you want and need simply by searching through a website instead of having to wander through a store.


Believe it or not, one of the trickiest parts of wedding planning is coming up with ideas. Some brides think about their wedding day starting when they’re little girls, while others don’t start to plan until they’re finally engaged. Whether you already have ideas for what you want or haven’t started thinking about it until, Pinterest is a great tool that lets you find and store ideas to use for your upcoming wedding, making things a little bit easier.

Chat Programs

If you and your wedding planning party don’t live in the same town, state, or even country, it can be difficult to find time to sit down and discuss plans. Even if you do all live in the same area, finding time to meet can be hard with so many different schedules. Chat programs like Google Hangouts, Slack, and Skype can make getting together and planning a lot faster, easier, and more effective.

Google Sheets

Like chat programs, Google Sheets are a great organization tool that can keep everyone in the planning party up-to-date in real time. You can use the sheets to share and divide up assignments and keep track of the progress as things start to happen.

Budgeting Programs

Weddings cost money, but most couples have to stay within a specific budget. There are a number of budgeting programs that couples can use to keep track of how much they have to spend and what they’ve already spent. Budgeting programs make it fast and easy to track spending and help you make sure that you stay within your budget.

Travel Apps

If you’re having a destination wedding, travel is a big part of the wedding planning process. Even if you’re staying home for the ceremony, you’ll likely still be traveling for the honeymoon. Whether you’re on a tight budget, just like great deals, or need help getting things lined up, there are a lot of different travel apps that you can use to help you get things taken care of and keep them organized.

Final Thoughts

Wedding planning can be stressful, but thanks to all of the technology available, you can use it to make the entire process easier, faster, and even save some money. From budgeting to booking venues, there’s an app or program that can help with every aspect of wedding planning. Which area of wedding planning do you need the most help with?

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