Wedding Photo Booths - Capturing the Spontaneity as Souvenirs

It was a wedding day of one of my closest friends. So, our group of friends flocked to the venue. When we reached there, we met the bride and the groom. Then we decided to be on our own. The venue was a large one and there, close to the place where the bride and the groom were sitting, was something amazing. Our friend had installed a photo boot there. And almost anybody could go there and get his or her photo clicked. We did that. And after we were done, I chose a seat close to the photo booth.

What I saw was amazing! People showed enough interest in the wedding event. But they were quite formal there. But as soon as they glanced upon the wedding photo booth, it seemed that they felt more comfortable. They could start unwinding themselves right in the photo booth. And it's not an easy thing, keeping in mind the fact that although it's hidden, yet everybody is aware that somewhere in the photo booth, there must be a camera to click the most amazing moments.

And so it did.

When we later glanced through the album of the wedding day, we found that almost all the guests had their pictures clicked in the photo booth at the event. And the pictures showed that they were able to really reach the summit of their enjoyment while inside the photo booth. They could do almost whatever they wanted, posed the way they wished. And the pictures perfectly reflected the jovial mood they were in.

This was surely one of the best examples to show why almost every wedding these days needs to set up a wedding photo booth!

The Road Traversed Till Now!

The journey of wedding photography has been almost as long as that of photography as a form of art. But the concept of wedding photo booths isn't that old. It was during the 1920s that the photo booths first emerged in the scene of wedding events. It has evolved over time. And one of the major reasons behind the emergence of wedding photo booths was surely the increasing necessity for a space amid the crowd of wedding invitees that people could have as their own. It was the right place to free oneself up amid the hustle and bustle that the wedding event offered. That's why the popularity of wedding booths has increased significantly with the passage of time.

Easy DIY Wedding Photo Booth

The photo booth that you are planning to set up during a wedding should not be difficult to install at all. In fact, there are several DIY wedding photo booth ideas, which can help you create an amazing photo booth for the wedding.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOvRlmY5q3U]

You can use empty photo frames and hang them from the ceiling with strings. These can make amazing photo booth backgrounds. Or you can use a wall with different filled in photo frames already hung there. These are also among the most wonderful ideas. And it can be made without much hassle.

Besides, you can also make some attractive wedding photo booths with the help of some easily available materials, which include the following few as well.

  • A few colorful ribbons can make beautiful backdrop for photos.
  • Brightly colored umbrellas can be amazing as photo frames.
  • Curtains of different shades can be hung to act as backdrop for photographs.
  • Balloons of various shapes, sizes and shades make great photo booth backgrounds.
  • Funny props on plain backgrounds can add fun to a photo.

All these and more can turn out to be good photo booth backgrounds during the wedding event. So, you can greet your guests with something more than a warm welcome. They will be able to unwind at the photo booth while the others are enjoying at other parts of venue of wedding.

Not Gloomy, Something Funny!

If you are looking to hire a photo booth for a wedding, it's essential that you go for something that matches the mood. You have to find a wedding photo booth that's funny and bright. The somber mood doesn't go in line with the ambiance that a wedding party offers. So, it is important to go for some attractive design with bright colors for the booth. And of course, you need to make it funny.


Besides, you need to select the props for clicking the pictures prudently as well. A mask or a false moustache can be great additions to the photo booth at a wedding. They will help the guests enjoy as much as possible. And the enjoyment will be captured forever in the pictures by the hidden camera in the wedding photo booth.

Unthinkable Events Might Unfold!

You just don't know what can happen inside the photo booth. And you can't even think of the stuff that people might do there. That's actually the sole reason for the existence of the photo booths at wedding event. It will encourage people to do something out of the box. A perfect example in the point is the event where another wedding proposal was made right inside the wedding photo booth. It surely is a well deserved shift from the formal attitude that people wear on while they are at an event.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oN0il7NrQ8E]

So, these unthinkable events in the photo booths add some extra bit of entertainment to the already colorful program of wedding.

Helping Every Emotion to Come Out

If you are throwing a party for your wedding, the guest list might be a long one. And the guests are sure to include people of all age groups. And they might come from different walks of the society. So, it might seem difficult to plan the party in such a way that everybody likes it. But you may have some elements in the event, which are sure to mesmerize all the attendees. A wedding photo booth is one such thing. It can bring out the original self of lots of people. The moment they enter the booth, they can feel that they can unwind there. They are usually aware that a camera is present there, but as it remains hidden, it never interferes with the way they react at the booth.


Moving on Together with the World of Technology

The journey of wedding photo booths has not yet stopped at all. This thing is yet to reach a final destination. Like any other component of art, it's ever evolving. It is expected to take some new shape within a short time as well. And it is being perfectly touched already by the world of advancing technologies. One of the best examples to prove the point is the introduction of the mobile apps for wedding photo booths for the Android platforms.


All you need to do is just install such an app. And you can give the background of a photo booth to any picture that you have clicked somewhere else as well. The wonderful background can help to make the image appear to be clicked in some great photo booth. Besides, the image can be tweaked too at times.

Get Spontaneous Photos

A photo booth can be a great addition to add up any event. Be it a school party or a fundraiser, an amazing place to click the pictures is what the attendees are looking for. So, the booth not only helps to make the event memorable, but keep the memories stored with you forever. You can create an album with those photos. And when you go through the album in future, you can view the details of the events once more. It's like going through the whole process of the event with the help of the images that had been clicked. And the photo booth serves as a perfect setting for those.

A Perfect End to the Wedding

Have you ever witnessed any wedding where there was a wedding photo booth? You must have noticed that all the people go right at that place. And when they get the background of the photo booth much to their liking, the appreciation is even more.

But there's one more thing to this.

A photo booth is the place where even the bride and the groom go towards the end of the wedding event. They also get their pictures clicked at that place. And that's another thing they have as the memories of their event. And this is the picture where they also let all their emotions flow, just like their friends. So, the wedding photo booth turns out to be one of the best spots for clicking the pictures during the event.

The photo booths are becoming integral to the weddings with every passing day. The popularity of these wedding photo booths are also on the rise among people of all age groups and from all walks of the society. One of the best things about a wedding photo booth is that it is the place where the guests, and even the hosts, can show their heart out without any worry. And that spontaneity can help to make some amazing pictures, creating the perfect souvenir from your wedding day.

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