Safest Ways to Do a Research on People You Meet Online

Have you heard as it’s said everybody needs somebody? Those moments with a bottle of beer and your buddy on the coach are fun, but when it comes to love and passion you think of cute babe to be with you. People are slaves of feelings and want to have someone to be near. Even those who seemed to be hard-shell by nature confess a need of the partner.

Everybody already knows, this digital trendy world has something on the table for dating and chatting with females. Plenty of fish here: Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid and here’s my favorite one Coffee Meets Bagel… Swipe it right and go out for a coffee, swipe it left and still enjoy the robust choice. That is a starting point to meet new people and spend fun time together. Small catchy talks, compliments, and amours tempt both of you to give it a try and meet in person. Who knows, how far it goes but you definitely need to try it out.

Let’s say, you did and liked it, but the reality was a bit different from online chatting. Maybe she seems great to you with killing photos, tempting thoughts, and interesting life position but answers are not clear and differ at some point. You’re puzzled than what to believe or not. Some facts seem to be off and you’re just curious to find out more than she tells before the real date. Truth is better but how to check it out, without asking her to show id card and not offend.

Except for your own curiosity and vague answers, there are lots of reasons to look up online love interest. Let’s say catfishing. It seems crazy, isn’t it? Personally, I guess those people are mentally unstable if they pretend to be someone else and create fake profiles with stolen photos and info. They just want attention or are frauds and wanna get something from you. Even if you are not catfished and still feel it in your gut, I have collected for you some decent and actionable ways to do a research on people you meet online

  1. Google, google her

The first thing we all do, we google it. Just type in her name and surname in the search line and go on spidering. Although this resource is quite powerful, you will probably get just links to social profiles or stumble upon mentions of her name. If she has some prominent achievements you can find her in media, and even if not, here’s a simple lifehack: you can find resources she signed to and look up her interests just having her email. That is a cross-referencing, as usually when we need to register our profile in some online shop or get a subscription to newsletters, we have an option to do it with our Google account and obviously, the email address is connected to it. Also, you can specify your request with something like the full name and criminal record, debt, or school. Get to know some key facts about her and make them keywords to get some clarification or proof of her tale.

  1. Reverse Number Lookup

Here’s this hoped-for match. You step up your game and seems like she is cool, you grab her number and now you’re The Lord of Rings. All you need right now is just put in these nine figures and enjoy the phone number lookup feature. You will get all possible records found on the web about number holder: social profiles, subscriptions, public information, checked-in places. The spotlight will be directed at her, and there’s no way to escape.

  1. Social media profiles are first-point connectors

If the phone number used to be the first point contact with someone you met before, nowadays attention has shifted to social profiles and Messengers. We prefer easy chatting to calls. And it takes less time to answer a message, even if you are busy but still stay in touch. So my first and foremost advice to friend her on FB or follow on Instagram. It will help you not only prove her words but also shape her social and mental profile. First of all, that’s a great way to verify some basic details: where she went to school, her home city, work, checked ins, date of birth. Next thing you need and even must pay attention to is the frequency of posting (it helps you to define how social she is and whether she likes to make her life all public); and accordance of her FB pictures with provided in dating app (whether they are up to date and do they actually differ). Pay attention to her network and friends list (age, sex, nationality), in addition to phrases on her timeline. You will be able to catch a lot from such details, even who her best friend is when she broke up with her ex and which social event she attended, and flowers & sweets she likes. Girls are more socially addicted so use it as an easy opportunity either to be more confident in her or not to be catfished or cheated.

  1. Reputation on the market can’t be fake

If she is not a blogger, which you can verify by looking at her social media profiles, she definitely cares about her career. So to cross-check some details you can go to LinkedIn. The chance of lying on LinkedIn is much lower than other social media accounts due to the risk of consequences if current or potential employer discovers fraudulent information. Also, it is a perfect field to find out about her professional interests and verify her achievements, she maybe boasted about.

  1. Run a reverse image check

What are all these dating apps build on? Pictures… We look at the appearance and swipe it our way. It doesn’t matter whether you are up to one-night stand or building relationships, you definitely pay attention to her appearance and body shape, that’s our male nature. She can be cute, sweet and sexy at every single picture in her profile and attracts you significantly. You feel trapped by her beauty, but what if she pretends to be someone else. I wish you not to be fooled or puzzled at the real meeting. This simple investigational approach can help you verify not only her personality but her appearance as well. Before wasting time chasing rabbit trails on her profiles you can run some research just having her photo handy. Reverse image check is a good way to verify her personality and whether this photo is used for her other profiles.

  1. Do not push it over hard

Before a first date, the best research is no research. If you’re interested in her and want to build relationships on trust, just give it a try and let it go till the first real date. All information you dug on her can cloud your judgment and make you ask suspicious questions or be an angry cop with her. Let the chemistry does its thing. Don’t wait too long before asking her for a coffee, as long chatting days to find out whether you like her or not equals to 20 minutes spent together. What ultimately matters here is the way you communicate with one another.

Despite all the exciting desires and emotions, which desort your sober judgement and butterflies in your stomach, your personal safety is supposed to be first. We all want to be the best versions of ourselves, and not be alone. That is why we pretend to be someone else or embellish our life experience. We attract people who reflect us and our inherent vices.

Nevertheless, there’s a chance of making a contact with potentially dangerous people, it still increases your chances to meet your mate. The promising and prominent fact here that according to Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, more than one out of four couples meet online, get married and live the happy life.

If you have any questions, please ask below!