How To Do Wonders With The Little Ones Inside A Photo Booth

girl-812482_1280Let's face it! Conventionally, Photo Booths operators receive majority of their calls for wedding parties, corporate and charitable events, and grad parties. So what can be the reason behind their not being a staple in children's parties? Do party the party organizers fall a little short of ideas on using them in the kid's way? Well, actually, having a photo booth session with the young ones can be as successful as what it goes with the grown ups.

How It Can Be Made

As ‘subjects', photo shooting children can be quite a rewarding experience. You get to capture those authentic emotions and those warm, sincere feelings. However, dealing with them can be a real big deal because you never know what they are up to. Plus, they are not very patient listeners and you cannot expect them to follow the photographer's instructions. What you need is a little imagination and a little idea on how to make it…

Here are some useful tips for those willing to consider photo booths for children…


An expert photographer always shoots children from the eye level, letting them to be "as they are" and clicking their natural emotions, behavior and expressions.


Get the child/ children lie down on the floor and take a shot from an extremely low angle. Looks sweet!


This one really works well if you are photographing babies. Put him/her at a comfortable corner and cover with a ‘prop'; in this case a plush blanket. For the best effect, the colour of the floor, background and the blanket should be identical. At least go for a white ground and backdrop.


If you feel that the tiny tot is a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera, then try getting him/her hug or play with a teddy bear or any other toy of his/her choice.


Kids are at their best when captured in everyday ‘homely' environment. For example, they are at their candid best while painting, playing games and the like. So even inside a photobooth, you can think of keeping the little souls busy doing something. The kids thus get a familiar setting; and the photographer finds ample scope for shooting those very special poses.


Most of the reliable photo booth hire companies have their own collections of props that add to the difference factor of the photo booth hiring companies. However, so far the children are concerned; their props will be a little different. Think of picture books, cut-outs of fruits, sweets, ice creams and similar delicious food items and see how children start posing for you.


Soap bubbles are traditionally a favourite and a staple with children; especially when it comes to photographing. They love to blow them. And a seasoned photographer would take the advantage of capturing children happily blowing the candles. Plus, they can find some creative ways and find out some perfect settings for lightings- and see how illuminated bubbles create an outstanding visual effect. Plus, bubbles can double up as outstanding props, as well.


Never skip the chance of children shouting in joy or laughing their heart out, even when you are outside the photo booth. You can even ask some of them to peep from behind the booth- so that you get a nice moment to capture.


Against some ‘suitable' backdrops, such as a garden or a beach, you can form a nice set up for photographing children. Ask them to play (you get once again, give them ‘props' like a red, bright ball) so that you get some superb action shots. Observe them; shoot them but do not disturb them. You can also create some special portrait shots with individual players.

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