9 Ways To Predict Your Baby’s Gender

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When you are pregnant and it becomes visible, everybody asks what will be the gender of your baby. Grandparents, mothers-in-law, the father itself, random people in the store, the woman sitting on the same bench in the park, they all have guesses and theories how to predict it. They all claim to have the most accurate foolproof technique to figure out whether you’ll be buying a baby crib in pink or in blue.

In a study, published in 1999, researchers asked a hundred mothers-to-be to guess their baby’s sex, using whatever method they wanted. The women were right 55% of the time. The study also shows that pregnant women with higher levels of education were far more exact in predicting their baby’s sex. They were correct 71% of the time. These women admit that their gender predictions rely on dreams or feelings mostly.

So Which Are The Most Precise Foolproof Methods?

These days advanced medicine offers plenty of high-tech procedures to predict baby’s gender. But still, you can have lots of fun using the old wives’ tales to suss out the baby’s sex before he or she is born.

Here are a few of the most common old wives’ tales:

  1. Examine the looks of the pregnant lady. If the mother looks even more beautiful during her pregnancy, it must be a boy. Girls tend to steal mother’s beauty for themselves, tales say.
  2. The heartbeat hypothesis. Fetal heart rates normally range between 110 and 160. If your baby’s heart rate averages in the 110 to low 130s range, then it’s more likely to be a boy. If it’s in the mid 140s to 160 range, it’s more likely a girl. A study done in 1993 proves this theory right, saying that the heartbeat method could be an accurate way to predict the sex of 91% of boys and 74% of girls.
  3. The ring theory. Dangling a golden ring on a string over the pregnant woman’s belly is another well-known technique. If the ring moves in a circle, it’s a girl. If it swings back and forth like a pendulum, it’s a boy. The method works also when you hang the ring over the woman’s left hand, instead of the belly. She has to position her palm horizontally in the air, with the soft side down. All fingers are contacting each other, except for the thumb and the index finger, which should form a 90-degree angle. The ring stands above the empty space formed between those two fingers.
  4. The positioning of the embryo. If you’re carrying in your belly, your baby will be a boy. If you’re carrying in your hips, then it is a girl.
  5. The position of the “linea nigra”. If your line of pigmentation runs only up to the belly button, it’s a girl. If it goes over the belly button and up toward the ribs, you’re having a boy.
  6. Cravings during pregnancy. Hormonal changes affect smell and taste, which explains the impulse for specific foods. If you tend to eat more sweet stuff, such as chocolate or candies, you are having a baby girl. Eating sour, salty, spicy and protein-rich foods determine you have to prepare in blue.
  7. The key test. It is a very simple method of gender prediction. Place one key in front of the Mom-to-be. If she grabs it at the top (the widest part), then it is going to be a boy and if she grabs it at the bottom – it is a girl. If you pick it up in the middle, twins are on their way!
  8. The Chinese gender chart. They say that the Chinese Gender Chart is more than 90% accurate. Simply enter the mother’s date of birth and the date of conception. The other benefit of this gender predictor is that you can calculate the right time to get pregnant in order to get the desired baby gender.
  9. Pay attention to your dreams. If you are dreaming of having a boy, you will have a girl. If you dream that you will have a girl, it will be definitely a boy. As you can see, dreams show the opposite of what you are going to bear.

Nowadays, science is far more reliable at predicting baby’s sex compared with the old wives’ tales. Although even ultrasound can’t always provide 100% accuracy. A lot of factors render influence at the ultrasound, including how many weeks you are in pregnancy, quality of appliances, and most important — visibility of baby’s genital area.

Pregnancy is a miracle. We know the science behind it, but there are such deep emotions and astonishment at the whole process of pregnancy and giving birth. Therefore, it’s a quite funny and exciting to put through these methods and analyse the results.

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