Things Every Nursery Must Have

nurseryHaving a baby is a joyful experience-something that every parent looks forward to. But along with the joys come apprehensions of what is good and what is not for the baby. As a parent, you would always want the best for your baby. With so many choices around, it can be a daunting task to try and choose what and whom you should trust, as far as your baby is concerned.

One of the very first things you start planning, even before your baby has entered this world is the baby’s nursery. According to Wikipedia, “In Victorian and Edwardian times, for the wealthy and mid-tier classes, a nursery was a suite of rooms at the top of a house, including the night nursery, where the children slept, and a day nursery, where they ate and played, or a combination thereof.”

The number of choices available for furnishing a nursery is mind boggling. Let us have a look at the top 10 things that every nursery must have:

Calming Colors

While you might want to experiment with a variety of bold and bright colors for your baby’s room, it may not work for your baby. It may keep your baby awake or make them restless. Soft, calming colors work wonders for your baby. These days, you also get non-toxic and odorless paints that come in a variety of pastel colors. So take your pick from one of these.

Changing pad and diaper caddy

It is important to have diapers at your fingertips when you are handling a baby. Hence, invest in a functional and inexpensive changing pad for diaper time. Most of them come with waterproof covers and are easy to manage. A wicker basket can serve as a diaper caddy.

Temperature control device

As babies are not able to automatically regulate their body temperature like us, they need assistance. A thermostat for the nursery is a must. It can help ensure that your baby is sleeping peacefully in a healthy environment.

White noise device

Babies find white noises extremely soothing. Hence, you will get a variety of white noise making devices in the market. Some of them look like small walkmans or transistors while some others are like a small alarm clock tucked inside soft toys. However do not use it very often else your baby will get addicted to it and sleep only with it. Use only when needed.

Trash Can

While it may be laughable, it is a blessing to have the trash can nearby so that you can throw away used diapers, wipes etc and keep the nursery clean.

Air fresheners

With a baby around, you cannot really avoid bad smells. Hence having an air freshener in your nursery will ensure that both you and your baby are surrounded by a pleasant scent always. Be careful to choose one that is not too overpowering in its fragrance.

Baby Night Light

This is a plus for both you as well as your baby. It helps you find your way around the nursery when you get up for late night feedings. It also helps you to not wake the baby when you go to check in on her. You get rechargeable lights in a variety of shapes and sizes that emit a soft glow which is just enough for you to see but not so bright that it will wake up your little one.

Bottle warmer

When you are in a hurry to feed your baby, especially at night, you shouldn’t need to bother about the bottle being at the right temperature. A bottle warmer heats milk or food evenly and to the right temperature while preventing the loss of nutrients that can happen while microwaving.

Bright colored mobile toy

This is best for distracting your baby especially when you are changing her as babies tend to be their wiggliest best then.

Hand sanitizer

This is a must to keep both you and your baby healthy. It is an easy way to kill germs and convenient as it reduces multiple trips to the wash basin.

There are many more additions that you could do to your baby's nursery as per your need and budget. Nursery planning is a delightful exercise and you must enjoy every moment of it.

Happy Parenting!

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