Winning the Online Football Streaming Battle

To become the best within a particular field, we first need to have something which can appeal to a mass audience, while serving as a great solution for an existing problem. The same goes for online football streaming, an industry that is beginning to grow at a very rapid rate and is slowly, but steadily, becoming the go-to media to directly access the popular sport. However, in order to gain the market share over traditional media channels, there are a number of important aspects streaming services will need to provide to their audience.

We are taking a closer look at beIN Sports Connect– the Thai version of the online sports streaming platform – founded by beIN Sports, as they begin their rise into the market by providing alternative ways to consume football on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis. Any company looking to enter the race to become the best online streaming service available will have to first provide the audience with quality, availability, and accessibility, while ensuring its service is extremely user-friendly.

With Quality Comes Absolute Strength

Quality plays a major role in defining the overall success of an online football streaming service. In the search of a reliable platform to watch football, this aspect will be one of the main decision making factors which defines whether or not somebody decides to stream content or stick with the traditional route of cable TV. When it comes to quality, fans will absolutely be demanding quality visuals and audio. In regards to the visuals, all the viewers are expecting the content to be shown in high definition. Lagging connections, stuttering pictures, or color distortion are all simple issues that need to be addressed for users. Audio also plays an important role in this industry, with consumers also hoping to catch live commentary in either English or their local language. It is very important that the sound being played is of the highest quality, with issues such as the commentary not matching with the movement of a speaker’s mouth being seen as a major problem with some services.

Knowing this, beIN Sports Connect has tackled these problems by coming up with a platform that is able to supply a football fan population in dire need of quality footballing content. Its ability to stream in full HD across all devices, from mobiles to TVs is playing a major persuasive role in trying to expand this market. They are now supportive of both Thai and English commentary, a perk which can double, or even triple, the overall reach of this platform by appealing to a massive audience range.

Wherever You Go, You’re Taken Care Of

Next up, availability is another factor that is seen as an important reason for assessing whether or not an online streaming platform is effective. In this instance, the audience is expected to be able to watch a football game of their choice whenever they want to, without feeling that they are being taken advantage of. When it comes to the traditional media, the only way the audience is able to consume content is through a device which is directly connected to a broadcaster’s cable, which isn’t as practical as it used to be anymore. In addition, subscription by contract that is usually offered by cable companies means that the user must pay a fixed fee for a fixed amount of time before any sort of cancellation can take place. This actually takes away the flexibility of access for the consumer, a factor that is being solved thanks to the introduction of online streaming.

Online streaming service beIN Sports Connect is now tackling this problem completely by making their platform available to everyone. Under their package plans, the user is given complete flexibility when it comes to any sort of payment. For instance, if you are only interested in one or two matches in particular, beIN Sports Connect is able to offer a 24-hour daily package for as low as 49 THB. There are also prices for a weekly package at 99 THB, monthly packages at 199 THB, and a full year package at 1,599 THB. When compared with traditional broadcasters, the yearly package can be seen as very competitive in terms of the price point. Gone are the days in which users are forced to pay for channels that are not of interest to them.

Available Must Also Mean Accessible

Taking into account the fact that online football streaming services are available to everyone who demands it, it will only be successful if the audiences are able to access it with ease. Traditional cable can be seen as an easy to use system, with all channels accessible via a remote. In that sense, it is very easy to use when you’re sitting at home on the sofa, but it is a completely different story if you find yourself somewhere without a cable television at your disposal. Here, accessibility comes directly into the equation, especially with how people are now very reliant on devices such as the mobile phone. Courtesy of all the technological advances, online football streaming has reached a point where it can now overtake cable, all thanks to its ability to become accessible in any situation.

The perfect example is beIN Sports Connect and how they are literally connecting sports to the population. Using any device, football fans can tune into the match of their choice live and in full HD quality. All that is needed to accomplish this easy task is to have an account with beIN Sports, a selected payment plan, and access to the internet. Notice that there is absolutely no need for any sort of wiring or cable, ensuring that the user can watch their football anywhere they please. Let’s not forget that with the invention of the Smart TV, media can now be consumed through online streams, eventually rendering the need for a cable TV obsolete.

As Simple as Possible

Even if you’ve heard the saying, nothing comes easy; people are still always keen on reaching a certain standard without all the hassle. The same goes for online streaming, which previously had a lot of flaws in regards to searching for one that delivers an acceptable standard. From annoying pop-ups to multiple clicks – to realizing the entire stream is faulty or not working – are the type of problems that were previously faced by football fans when they were looking to watch a match online. When it comes to cable, which has already solved the issues mentioned above, we come down to the fact that we may not always be on time to witness the kick off. Missing a chunk of a football match, especially when there were goals being scored, was always a frustrating encounter.

With beIN Sports Connect, you can consider all these problems and issues have been completely addressed. Using quality streaming straight from the source, football fans using the service have direct access to official broadcasts, meaning no pop-ups, ads, or anything that isn’t completely up to standard. When it comes to missing a live game, which is a huge setback for any football fan, they also have that covered. Using playback features, audiences will be able to rewind matches depending on their preference, viewing a live match starting 10 minutes ago, or 20 minutes ado, or more. This ensures that they will never again have to miss a goal or a memorable event ever again!

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