What To Look For When Hiring A DJ

DJEven though many people now have access to large music databases and computer systems that can play music in public events, DJs are still in high demand. DJs often own great sound systems, and their experience can allow them to energize a party. However, it can take some time to hire the right DJ for your party; here are a few tips for choosing the best DJ for your event.


Experience is tremendously helpful for DJs, and those who have been performing for years will often put on better shows than those who are relatively new. While decades of experience are not necessary, try to find DJs who have worked for at least one or two years. Doing so can help you ensure that your DJ knows what he or she can do to put on a great performance.


Music is diverse, and some DJs specialize in particular genres of music. As a result, a DJ who specializes in hip-hop music may not be well suited for a wedding reception. Ask your DJ what music he or she plays and how diverse his or her music collection is. Doing so can help you make sure that the music played at your event is appropriate.


Popular DJs are often booked well in advance, and it can be difficult to book a DJ for a specific date. Because of this, it is often best to book your DJ as early as possible. Those who are hiring a DJ on short notice may have difficulty finding a great DJ, but some perseverance can pay off.


DJs are often concerned that they will not be paid for their efforts. Because of this, many have strict payment schedules. Before hiring a particular DJ, ensure that you know the payment schedule he or she expects, and make your payments ahead of time if possible. It is often best to write this information down as late payments may cause your DJ to schedule another event, which can leave you without music at your event.


Equipment is essential for playing music at an event, but some DJs may exaggerate their capabilities. If your event is in a large room, be sure that your DJ has the equipment needed to play music at a proper volume. Those with some technical knowledge may wish to inquire about speaker sizes and amplifier capabilities before hiring a particular DJ. This information can help you determine whether the DJ’s equipment is appropriate for your venue.

Music Collection

DJs often spend years building their music collections, and a DJ with a large collection of music will be better able to play the music attendees want to hear. Ask if your DJ takes requests as DJs who are willing to play requested music often have larger catalogs than those who will not. It may also help to ask if the DJ has access to particular songs that you want played during the event.

A great DJ can make for a great party or event, but some people try to find the cheapest DJ possible. By making a list of requirements and contacting multiple DJs, you can ensure that your event has the music needed to make it a success.

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