Does Happy Wheels Live Up to the Hype?

If you’re anything like us, you research your games before you play them to make sure they’re worth your time. We’re so limited on our free time that it seems crazy to waste it on a lame game without any entertainment value or one that will add stress to your life. It goes without saying; there are some gems to be played within the online gaming community, but some fall well short. Thus, finding honest reviews that aren’t just sponsored content is hard to come by, so how can you trust what you’re reading? How do you know if the game will really live up to the hype? Today, we’re going to breakdown the hype surrounding Happy Wheels to provide you with an honest review of the game. Let’s get started.

The objective

Of course, the objective is always at the heart of any game and this is the same here too. The basic objective of this game is fairly simple: finish the map in each level successfully. You choose one of four characters, though some levels limit you to a specific character, and race through the track, avoiding obstacles and remaining level on the rough terrain. This is a single-player, physics-based game that offers quite the challenge. Overall it is loads of fun and keeps you wanting to return for more.

The controls

Fairly simple in this department – which is a good thing. The controls for this game are pretty standard: use the arrow keys to move, space key for primary actions, Shift/Ctrl key for secondary actions, and the Z key to eject. This game is physics-based, so part of the challenge lies in keeping your character from flipping over on the rough terrain. Of course, if you have your own gamepad, then you’ll have a different control set to work with, so consider this.

Where to play it

You’ll need to know where you can play is. Thus, there’s a fun, free demo version of this game available on freegames66.com that offers ten of the highest rated levels created by players, all four characters, and the same amount of fun as the full version you can find elsewhere online. There’s also a mobile version of this game available in both the App Store and Play Store. It is easily found online and can be played within web-browsers.

Why should you play it?

The best part about this game, hands down, is the fact that you can design and create your own levels to be as challenging as you want. This gives you an opportunity to exercise your creativity – unleash the Picasso in you. This also adds a social level to the game as others can play the levels you create and you can play those others create. Being able to create your own level also means that this game has a virtually endless amount of content. If you grow tired of the many, many maps other players are creating each day, you can always create your own to your exact specifications. This game offers a unique and fun challenge, allows you to utilize your creativity, and offers an endless amount of content unseen in other free online games. It has also been rated as one of the best free games for seven years on IGN. Quite impressive to say the least.

Sorting through all the hype surrounding games can be challenging, and finding an honest review can prove to be even more difficult. We broke down all the hype surrounding Happy Wheels to provide you with an honest review of this fun game so you can best decide if this game is for you or just a waste of your time.

The internet is littered with games, but finding one that is fun, interesting and playable can become one time-consuming task. With many games having clunky controls, poor visuals, and lackluster objectives, we can confidently say that Happy Wheels does not fall into this category. Here you have a game that covers many of the needed ingredients to have an overall game that is fun to play. You’ll likely spend many hours with this game. Sit back, grab a drink and enjoy!

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