Rules of Thumb when Throwing a Birthday Bash

Birthday-the wonderful word that makes every child excited along with their parents and near and dear ones! The flow of excitement starts for a long period before and after the party. After all, as a parent, while throwing a party, you have so many things to take care if- choosing the right theme, choosing the invitation cards, decorating the venue, deciding on the menus, arranging for entertainments, shopping for return gifts… the list seems to go endless. Normally the day brings up lot of emotions, love and life and when it comes to kids it's more colorful.

However, while arranging a birthday party, parents are often seen to commit guffaws that wreak havoc on their plans. Just be sure that it does not become the case with you. Simply follow these rules of thumb to make your party picture perfect one!

Rule#1: Don't invite more kids than what you can handle

The number of kids should be limited, so that it is easy to manage. The general formula is- invite the equal number of children as your child's age + 1. That is to say, if you have a seven year old at home, then consider inviting 8 kids. However, if you are going to arrange for a sleepover party, then strictly restrict the number to 5-6.

Rule #2: Be precise on the invitation

You should specify the parents whether they too are invited in the party, or can handoff their children. It is also imperative to let them know the types of food that you will be serving - simply snacks or a full course meal. In addition, inform them if your little guests will need to wear something specific in the party (such as warm clothes if it is a backyard party).

Rule #3; Don't start inviting at school

Invitations should be only given to the closest friend not the whole class. For it contacts should be personally given.

Rule#4: Involve the boy or girl

Involving the child with the whole arrangement for the party is very much needed for understanding their choice. For example, ask them for their choice of themes, shop for the party essentials with them, seek their help while choosing the party games and the like. A day before the party, your children might also assist you to put the party decorations, as well as stuff the gift bags with return gifts.

Rule #5: Don't continue the party for long

Long parties become boring and so the time should be limited as per age group. Like four year of age the favourable time is midmorning. Two hours party may be from 1p.m. to 3p.m. for six years of age.

Rule#6: Enlist assistance

Seek help from friends and others to control them.

Rule#7: Make arrangements for emergency

What if one guest appears with a little sister? Or rain ruins your idea of throwing an outdoor party? Or parents are late to pick their children up? As a responsible guest, you need to plan everything to manage these situations. For example, keep at least three goodie bags extra, keep some movie CDs on hand to keep the children happy and occupied when needed.

Rule #7: Play Safe

Precautional measures should be taken. An arrangement of first aid kit is necessary. Take the phone number of the parents whose children are invited. Along with it is important to know about their food allergies.

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