Online Gaming Trends: the Best is Yet to Come

Recent years have witnessed howling success of the gaming industry throughout the world. Technology advancements in online gaming are continually changing the world vision and will continue an upward trajectory in the upcoming years. The virtual players segment is also on the rise. From this, gaming companies expand, evolving their capabilities. It seems to have had an impressive impact on the online gaming trends setting. What are the players anticipating this year? Those who are extremely curious about the issue can’t but take notice of the most recent gaming tendencies.

VR Technologies

This year more and more playgrounds are set to support the virtual reality technology. So far, the advanced technology reliance has been the domain of the most progressive companies, since it requires expensive equipment. But the players are supposed to bask in the most realistic playing environment, “wandering” through the halls and chatting with other gamers in the short run.

By the way, in addition to VR, the overall online games’ design will break new ground. In particular, the sheer number of developers are implementing a combination of 3D graphics with 3D soundtracks.

Mobile gaming

The proportion of mobile software in the gaming market is constantly growing. In 2016, it was 33.4%, and in 2017 it met the 35.7% objective. It is alleged that by the end of 2020 the indicators will achieve 43%. The bulk of players want to “access” entertainment round the clock using their smartphones.

Developers added this fact to their armory presenting more mobile version of online games. The motto of the trend is gaming without limits.

Skill games proliferation

The immediate future of the gaming world will be marked by skill games proliferation, as the increasing number of players are committed to more mentally challenging forms of entertainment. The amalgam of skill developing features and computer games is exactly what we are all longing for. Relying not only on your luck but also taking into account the power of your brains, your logic and reaction can become a new trend in the contemporary gaming.

Skill games were quite successfully integrated into traditional casinos. This kind of computer gaming can’t leave indifferent the younger generation, which is primarily involved in the online gaming

Playing Skill-based games, each player can receive unbelievable gaming experience and develop an array of attainments that can be of great help in our day-to-day life. Gamers look forward to taking up the gamepads and getting down to game!

Online multiplayer games

The ability to play interactive live games was a burning issue in 2003-2006. But currently many online gaming developers can boast of such technology.

Operating the technology had resulted in the popularity explode among gamers all over the world which implied further dynamic development in this direction. After all, it gives an interesting experience of online socialization, which we sometimes desperately need.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena is relatively a new word in the online gaming industry. It recently became a great hit among players around the globe with a number of titles winning more and more fans each day. Not to mention that it formed the whole online electronic sports genre the way we know it today. Although it is quite difficult to say exactly whether this genre was really the leader of the industry 2017, the figures show that it was definitely the most successful one at least in terms of revenue.

Brand games

Game developers have long realized the overwhelming popularity of thematic games. More and more games, dedicated to famous films, computer toys, comic books, cartoons are integrated in the contemporary gaming industry. Moreover, the trend towards the brand game expansion is set to increase.

Introduction of new payment methods

Independence from financial regulators and transparent payments made electronic payments a must among the gamers. What is more, many operators promote the cryptocurrency-based payment systems implementation. This approach ensures additional security and transparency for the “virtual club” members. So, the interests of the players meet the interest of the online gaming providers – the first ones are guaranteed to seamlessly get the win, and operators – to attract more visitors providing them with the top level service.

All in all, among the most prominent trends that are set to change the online gaming market the following ones can be also named. These definitely include the growing number of women playing adding significantly increasing the total quantity of gamers out there. Furthermore the game developers are constantly evolving new marketing strategies resulting in attracting a wider target audience. Finally, the preferences of players are constantly changing and the leading companies can’t but keep this in mind when developing new concepts and presenting their releases.

Taking into account that the main driving force of the online gaming market is the ambition to meet the gamers’ interests, the most expected tendency is the orientation towards the so called “social gaming”. Gaming providers focus on the innovative games development implying the possibility to compete with friends.

In addition, the popularity of social gaming supports the Free-to-play gaming model. Users do not have to pay for the participation, but they can buy a variety of tools that will help to defeat their competitors.

Following the world trends and keeping abreast of all the global innovations of the gaming industry is the very thing that wins peoples’ minds throughout the globe nowadays. Being at the cutting edge of the technological development, online gaming reflects the most advanced solutions that will definitely conquer the world.


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