Next Generation of Nintendo

gergewgegThe beginning of the nineties of the past century was marked by the development of consoles with the sixteen-bit system. One such console was the Super Nintendo, which was called the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The release first occurred in the Japanese market, and a year later the console appeared on the American market as well. However, in Japan, it had a local name and a slightly different appearance.

For several years the SNES changed their design, taking over different forms. In the year 1993, the first graphical console chip appeared. Until 1996 a large variety of games were made for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and the console was sold in more than 50 million copies in North America alone. Even after steel 32-bit edition console, SNES hasn’t lost its relevance among fans, collectors, and enthusiasts working with emulation, and many people are looking for super Nintendo emulators nowadays.

Originally, a modest assortment of games that went with the console still had a wild success among the game lovers. Everyone knows or heard about the games like Battletoads and Mortal Kombat. When someone hears that name, he remembers those inexpressible feeling when you could throw out your teammate over the edge of the screen and hear his indignation.

The fun and excitement of the common playing tournaments are still making echo in the souls of everyone who played. They still recall those good old days and times spent playing the old-school classic games. Sites that provide Super Nintendo emulator downloads are in high demand, and every month they are visited by hundreds of people who want to immerse themselves back in childhood.

It is possible to endlessly discuss the cult game Mortal Kombat, which became a basis for the plot of a movie under the same name. It’s not just a game, but a uniting point for many gamers. Yes, it was a pretty bloody spectacle, taking into account the peculiarities of killing opponents after the fight, but nobody will forget the time spent on studying all the combinations, battles with friends, and wish to become the best. Parents were not thrilled with these games, but they could not stand this overwhelming trend. The schoolboys fled home or to friends’ places after school to try the new game techniques that they had learned.

However, SNES grew in popularity and the number of games produced for them increased, increasing all kinds of progenitor strategies and quests, cartoons from Disney, aircraft simulators and much more that you could only imagine.

Prince of Persia is still one of the unique projects for Super Nintendo console. It was quite unique among the similar games on other consoles and showed the beauty of drawing memorable graphics. The game is still well remembered by many old-school fans.

Finally, it is worth mentioning Castlevania, another masterpiece which received universal fame only after being ported to the Super Nintendo. The grim gothic ambiance, the atmosphere of horror and mysticism became a hallmark of the series. Certainly, it has won many hearts and still has a large number of fans worldwide.

The Nintendo company promised to carefully hide details about its next-generation game console under the symbolic title NX, but some fragmentary data about this product periodically seep into the press. For example, in the patent application of Nintendo, there is a description of the game console, which is equipped with a manipulator with an integrated display (in the manner of a portable version of NVIDIA Shield) but does not use an optical disk drive. For a long time games for consoles were distributed on cartridges and optical disks, but now the spread of high-speed networks facilitates the transfer of “game libraries” to “cloud” storage. Optical drives are increasingly used to store information, and the segment of consoles is woven at the tail of this trend only because of its conservatism.

Of course, this Nintendo patent does not mean at all that it will be the NX and that it is the gaming console that will abandon the drive for working with optical disks. Its absence would make the case of the device more compact, and at the same time reduce the cost of the console. Moreover, there is information that NX version of the console will support streaming of 4K-video.

Nintendo managed to create a real hype around the console NX. According to the latest data, it should unite and change the concepts of home console and portable device. It is expected that the Nintendo NX will be a portable console that can be carried with you, but at home, it can connect to a TV and a special docking station. Inside the latter will be additional components: a more powerful graphics card, memory and so on.

But are you willing to play right now? While hoping for the future improvements, a few minutes SNES emulator will help you to remember a bit forgotten but still familiar combinations and strategies of the favorite games.

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