How Music Inspires and Contributes to Your Creativity?

tgregrtgeGetting a fully focused mind while you are doing something creative is a tough thing to catch, especially when you are a writer. There is a feeling of an uprise when you get inspired by something. It can either be from images, settings, music or sometimes relaxation. But about 2/3rd of the world’s population goes for music as an inspiration source.

You might have heard great words by famous philosophers on the magic that music brings to you. A very famous saying is of Sir Wayne Dyer, who expressed music as something like this, ‘Don’t die with your music still inside you’. Yes, music is the soul to a body. It’s powerful as a source of inspiration which brings best in you.

The classical music legends such as Bach and Mozart still rule for the best music as they improve the I.Q of a person. I still can assure you that even today, a good percentage of the population still listens to music while studying or learning something as a relaxation tool during the intervals between study sessions. It’s a fact that, at times, race, color, religion, language, etc., creates a bridge between people around the world, but music is so powerful that can break all barriers and bring people closer, no matter what differences are within them.

Music also does quite a lot which you actually might not have thought of. Here is how music inspires and contributes to being creative.

Music Increases Your Concentration Level

For a few people, silence becomes more distracting than listening to music. Most of the writers have a habit of playing music to start writing. It is like every idea just flows out of mind easily when the music is turned on. Listening to music which you enjoy, like soft rock, classical or even hip-hop helps to improve the concentration while doing something creative.

Music Raises Your Mood to being Lively

I can very much relate to this, as it can be said that every culture enjoys a hint of music in whatever celebration they are in. When the volume is up, people just forget and dance to the beats. Here, as we are discussing about being, we can say that listening to music creates great content and it adds a lot to the creative side of the individuals. To enhance your mood, you can listen to tunes which uplift you or make it big by having a plan to attend music concert of your favorite singer. You can get no fee tickets for such events at lowest rates; hence it’s not a big deal.

Music Becomes Your Emcee

Music sometimes becomes a powerful emcee when you listen to some songs of the past. It pauses you and transforms you in some other land as it coincidentally links to some moments in the past. If you have found anchor music, then I guess it might help to have a brainstorming session. The more these kinds of songs are heard, the more they will continuously trigger the inspiration you are looking for. When your brain automatically connects with certain songs, it will open up the creativity in you.

Music Helps in Shifting the Brainwave

There is evidence which can say that music imbibes creativity. Scientifically it is proven that on an ordinary day your brain produces beta waves ranging between 14-20 Hertz, and this heightens to alpha waves which range from 8-13 Hertz when you listen to music which has a pulse of 60 beats. When you reach the peak of creativity, your brain produces theta waves between 4-7 Hertz. So the numbers indicate that the more relaxed you are, the better is your creativity. It’s clear why classical music is getting suggested as the best genre for inspiration.

So it can be said that music is not only for fun and entertainment, but is something beyond that. If it gets used rightly, then it’s going to help you to tap into your inner creativity when you are in need of inspiration to do something very creative like writing novels, scripts, articles, etc. As you tend to get better and be familiar with the best music for your different moods and emotions, you can create stacks of CD’s that can be used for particular emotions which you need to instill in your writing or when you do anything creative.

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