6 Reasons To Play Escape Room Games With Your Kids

Escape Room Games are gaining much popularity throughout the world. It is a live real life escape game which requires the player to solve various puzzles, find clues and finally escape the room by finding the hidden door, within a given span of time. It tests your skills like intelligence, teamwork abilities and your approach to certain challenges.

If I say that you can play the escape room games with your kids, will you find that interesting enough? Yes, this is such a game which can be played by both adults as well as kids. If you are in London, select an easy level among the various options that the London Escape room games offer. Below are the reasons as to why it is necessary for your kids to play the escape room games in London.

Play Escape Room Games With Your Kids

Sensory skills will develop

First of all make sure your child is above 12 years to be a part of this game. Puberty is the age when a child learns and grasps new things and if during this time, you make your kid play escape room, he or she will develop some positive skills that will be helpful for their future. Since, all the five senses are required to be used while playing escape room games, your kid will have to use all their sensory skills and that too in a positive way.


Whatever career you choose, teamwork forms an important part of life. In Escape room games, you have to look for clues to find the exit door and in this process you need to act as a team with the other players. The kid will learn the essence of teamwork. As a team they will share their findings, will judge how much information is relevant and thus will understand values of life.

Proper Communication

Communication is a skill which often develops in a child late, than it should make its arrival. Some kids are shy and cannot really express their feelings. In such cases, escape room games compelles the kids to interact or communicate with their teammates properly. This makes the children outspoken and will definitely help the child in near future.

Helps to respect time

Time management is something, without which it is difficult to thrive in today’s world. It is very important to learn to respect time from childhood so that punctuality becomes a natural trait. In escape room, you have to complete the game in a given span of time, therefore the kid will learn the importance of time.

Helps to eliminate fear

Often there are fears and anxieties that remains recessive within us since childhood. These needs to be eliminated as we grow. With live games like Escape rooms, one has to depend on the self and while doing so will eliminate the fear within.

A Great Source of entertainment

In general people look for solace in movies when they have to look for a good time pass. A child either watches cartoons or plays with toys and their friends for time pass and entertainment. If they are made to play an escape room game live, it will be a great experience for them and at the same time they will learn many new things. It will also help your child to be plucked out of the fantasy world and witness an experience of a lifetime.

London Escape room Games offers a lot of themes to choose from and for the kids they have some really wonderful themes, which the kids will love. If you want your kids to learn good values in life, overcome fear and anxiety and gain an experience of a lifetime, book your game today and the rest will be taken care by the owners.

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