10 Reasons to Play Video Games Online

gamesBeing a gamer can be hard; there are lots of negative myths about video games. Parents, girlfriends and wives know all about those myths and they are not afraid to use them, we assure you! So if you are looking for facts about video games based on scientific studies, we prepared a list for you. Next time you are in an argument, use the most appropriate one!

10) They don't cost a thing.

It may be obvious but we should emphasize it once more: playing video games should be really free. And it is the good kind of "free"; not the "you need more energy to continue playing" kind. Slot games especially fit into this description, they are not the "demo" versions of the original game, they are the real deal. Same levels, same ruleset and the same winning chance, they just don't cost a thing to play. No time limitations too, you can play as long as you want. And if you find the right place (hint: Casino Ave) you don't need to download anything or even register with your personal info to be able to play.

9) You will get a bigger brain.


Your brain consists of a biological material called the "grey matter". Max Planck Institute conducted a study recently - participants played video games for 30 minutes each day for an eight week. The participants developed more and increased grey matter at the end of the study. Their brains literally got bigger! Grey matter stores the cell bodies of our neuron system - the bigger it is, the more neurons there are. And this effects memories, strategic planning, and motor skills.

8) They are the only way to "flex" your brain.

Not kidding - a team of researchers at the Queen Mary University of London measured the participants' cognitive power after playing video games. The results showed that video game players become better at solving problems, their brains are "sharper" and better at strategy. It seems to think about the "virtual" problems and how to solve them has an effect on "real" problems too. Basically, playing video games online is the yoga equivalent for your brain.

7) They are the best medicine for depression.


Ever heard the term cognitive behavioral therapy? It is basically a series of behavior patterns to relief you from "bad mood", the most common example of this is talking with a friend about your feelings. It seems playing video games for free is better than that - even all of the other behaviors. A study conducted in New Zealand showed that video games are the best way to deal with unhappy thoughts. The study conducted on 100 depressed participants and after a week spent with playing video games, 44 percent of them were cured of their depression. Not only that, 66 percent of them told that their symptoms were reduced. Playing video games is nearly as better as talking with a therapist, for free!

6) Your eyes will get better.

Believe it or not - those fancy animations, flashy effects and rolling reels are forcing you to focus and "see". Your eyes are trying to adapt the situation and working their "muscles" in the process. Think it like a daily exercise for your eye vision, you'll get better even if you have 20/20. Playing video games may be the cheapest fix for poor eyes.

5) They are the Best Medicine to Reduce Stress.

We are sure that you have heard about how the video games make people violent. Well, this is simply not true. Not only that, playing video games may be the best (and cheapest) medicine against stress. Don't believe us? Take a look at the scientific study which is conducted by Professor Christopher Ferguson from the Texas A&M International Study. He says “Violent game playing may be associated with some positive effects, but little evidence exists to link violent game playing with aggression,” and continues: "The results indicated no relationship between violent game playing and aggression, but did find that violent game playing was associated with higher scores on measures of visuospatial cognition and lower stress levels". Believe in science!

4) They may save your relationship.


What is the most important thing in a relationship? Spending time together? Playing video games is the best way to do that. This is not our claim by the way - Psychologist Howard Markman from the University of Denver recommends couples to play video games together. This is based on a long-term study, which began in 1996 and involved more than 200 couples. It seems that playing video games are the only activity which is fun for both sides. Save your marriage, for free!

3) They are the cheapest pain reliever.

Forget Oxycodone, forget Morphine - playing video games is the best pain reliever available. Again, this is not our claim, American Pain Society says so. When immersed in a virtual world, pain and stress levels significantly reduce. In fact, burn victims reported that their pain ratings declined by 50 percent while playing video games. So next time your tooth aches, you know what to do.

2) They slow the aging process.

We said that everything on this list are based on scientific data, so is this one. Playing video games will stall the natural aging process of your cognitive skills by at least seven years. Pick 681 people who are over 50 years old, make them play any video game they like for five weeks and measure the results, you'll reach the same conclusion. Professor Jason Allaire from North Carolina State University did exactly like that.

1) Even surgeons play them on a daily basis.

And believe us, you want your surgeon to be a gamer. Studies show that three hours gaming sessions in a week improve the abilities of a surgeon for a significant amount. Want the exact numbers? "Gamer surgeons" made %32 fewer errors when compared to "usual ones" during complex procedures. Playing video games is a healthy hobby even for your doctor.

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