Best Nintendo DS Games

When you look back at the history of computer games, it’s fair to say that Nintendo has had its fair share of classics. From Mario Brothers to Grand Theft Auto, many of the best of the Nintendo offerings are now available for the DS, so you can carry them around with you wherever you go, which is one reason that I would never sell my DS console.

And if you’re struggling to decide which games to invest in, here are the top five that no mobile gamer should be without.

New Super Mario Brothers


It may be the nostalgia that people feel when they remember playing Super Mario Brothers as kids, or it may just be the fact that it’s a brilliant game. Either way, as soon as the New Super Mario Brothers was launched it became a huge hit, and is now one of the best selling DS games.

Offering a total of 80 levels, the New Super Mario Brothers is perfectly suited to the dual screen of the DS. And with so many areas to discover, even the most avid player won’t get bored easily.



Reminiscent of the enormous Tamagotchi craze of the mid 90’s where players ‘owned’ a virtual pet that they kept alive through daily feeds and treats, Nintendogs gives players the chance to look after their very own dog without any of the messy clear-ups.

It may sound like a gentle game compared to some others, but Nintendogs has been incredibly popular since its launch in 2005, and sales are through the roof, or should that be woof?

Mario Kart DS


Part of the good, old fashioned racing game genre, this Mario-inspired game was released in late 2005.

Like other games in the series, Mario Kart DS allows players to pick characters from Super Mario and race them against each other.

Brain age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a day


Let’s face it, everyone is always searching for a quick fix to make them cleverer, and while Brain Age isn’t scientifically tested, it can help to keep you firing on all cylinders, especially if you play regularly.

Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars


If you prefer more action in your DS games, Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars could be right up your street.

The Grand Theft Auto series has been around for years, and the small screen of the DS does nothing to take away from the gaming experience, so you can enjoy all those dodgy deals and steals on the go.

Affordable, easy to carry and great fun to play, the Nintendo DS is a leader in the world of portable gaming. And with new games constantly being developed, its top spot seems assured.

Hello, I’m Pete Wilson and I’ve been a gamer since the original Mario Brothers first got me hooked at a tender age. Keen to learn and blog about all things virtual, I spend my time reading, writing and playing everything I can get my hands on, though I haven’t yet been tempted to sell my DS despite the huge amount of choice for other gaming experiences.

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