Fun & Creative Gaming Apps of 2013

Creative games are in abundance at the moment, with more and more people looking for the unique, rather than clones of other games. Creative games tend towards the quirky, witty, strange and genuinely unique artistic styles. With the online app game industry booming and only set to grow in the next few months, now is the time to find your favourite creative games for 2013. Here are 5 of the best, fun and unique games out there!

1. Adventures in WonderlandAlice

If you love some traditional casino gaming, mixed in with some quirky adventure game play, then this is a download must for you. This classic slots game centres on Lewis Carrols' Alice in Wonderland books and is graphically perfect. The creativity in this game comes from a blend between the weirdness of the book and the artistic elements placed throughout the game: bright colours, Cheshire cats and of course the Queen of Hearts.

Each spin will take you to a new and exciting level within Wonderland, where not only will you be battling to win big, but you will also be navigating your way through the dreamland. Perfect for fans of the book and players of casino games, all the excitement is available online now!

2. Incobotoincoboto2

Incoboto is only currently available on iPad but is one of the best animation style game on the market. This puzzle based game is perfect for testing your skill and enjoying high quality animated graphics, with an almost Japanese Anime quality. The game revolves around the only living human to remain in the entire galaxy; Inco is a lonely soul whose only fiend is the sun. You have to battle with Inco to save the galaxy and his friend.

A fun and thoughtful game, this is one time killer that cannot be missed!

3. iDixitidixit

Another gaming app for fans of Apples products, iDixit is not just a creative game, but a social one, too. The game is based upon a board game with the same name. Although the board game is no longer available, the app is and it’s just as fun. Very similar to a game of charades, you are given a card and you have to describe it to other players in one sentence, obviously without giving too much away. If you are a fan of guessing games, for example if you enjoyed last year’s breakthrough game Draw Something, then you will love this game!

A great game for playing with your friends and getting creative with words!

4. Lightopuslightopus_1

This is a great little game for the casual gamers among us. More creative than a simple bubble breaker style game, Lightopus is simple and chic. The general game play is simple - you control this bizarre little sea creature through the depths of the ocean collecting stars as you go. You have to avoid the other sea creatures that come towards you-plain simple, almost old school fun. The story line, yes there is one of sorts, is also sweet and compelling, this game won’t let you down!

5. Neon WaveNeon Wave

If you love the classic 80’s arcades games, then this is a must download for 2013. Neon wave is a modern take on those 80’s classic where you battle against animated enemies. It is fast paced and colourful-it is called neon wave for a reason-and a great game for reminiscing about all those classics. The main directive is to stay alive for as long as possible, as it is set in space, you can conclude that you will be fighting against aliens, space crafts and meteors. This game is beautifully crafted to give you the ultimate adrenaline rush!

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