Say Goodbye to Eye Strain with These Computer Glasses

Digital eye strain is one of the most prevalent eye health issues that have slowly been increasing. This is mostly because of how much work we know do online and how much more time we spend behind a desk looking at a monitor (or watching our smartphones).

Smart devices emit a certain light which is very harmful to the eye and have very long-lasting adverse effects on the eyes. To combat these effects computer lenses/computer glasses have become quite prevalent for many people whose jobs/careers/and professions are linked to their laptop.

Eye health is very important, and for many epos losing there, eyesight would be one of the worse things that could happen to them. That is why we have taken the liberty to compile a list of the top ten computer glasses you hold consider purchasing.

So here in this article, we have outlined the top ten most popular computer glasses out in the market. You no longer suffer from eyes that strain, dry out or ache because of staring at your screen for hours on ends.

Say Goodbye To Eye Strain With These Computer Glasses

Here is just brief overview of what the Vision Council says about eye vision and how many people are affected by it. Around 70% of individuals suffer from some digital eye strain, with these strains being:

  • blurred vision
  • headaches
  • back pain
  • neck pain
  • eye dryness
  • general fatigue
  • red eyes
  • headaches

As you can see there are a number of the adverse effects that staring at your monitor for an hour on ends can have on your eye and other bodily sections.

Blue Light: What Is It?

“Furthermore, studies have shown that light with wavelengths between 400 and 450 nm can induce mitochondrial dysfunction. With large amounts of mitochondria concentrated in the retinal ganglion cells, this presents a potential vulnerability. It is hypothesized that the mitochondrial absorbance of short wavelength, high-energy, light-including blue light could exacerbate retinal ganglion cell death.” – Wikipedia

The Top Ten Most Popular Computer Glasses Out In The Market

# 1 – Cyxus Semi-Rimless Computer Glasses

The Cyxus Semi-Rimless Computer Glasses are great computer glasses which help to cut the strain of your eye by 90%. It blocks out 90% of the blue light which is so harmful to your eyes. We have mentioned blue lights has a negative impact on our eyes health and thus the more exposure we have to it the more difficult it will be for your eyes.

Here are what some people have said about these glasses:

“So I’ve been using these for a week or two now, and I have to save I am really surprised how well they are working. I sit a safe enough distance from my work desk, but I am in front of a computer 10 hours out of my day, including my downtime. I’ve noticed an obvious strain when reading before I started using these glasses but I haven’t experienced it since. If you a have a mild sensitivity to blue light I would recommend these.” – Akyiarin

“The glasses are very comfortable. I’ve never worn glasses before, so these are my first pair, and I sometimes forget I have them on. I work at a computer 40+ hours a week, and so far I’ve noticed a MAJOR difference at the end of the day. My vision was always blurry after a long day, and now there is no blurred vision, and my eyes don’t water. I’ve read reviews where people claim they don’t work. It’s different for everyone. These definitely work for me; and for the price of these, it’s worth checking them out to see if they work for you too.” – Robert Barradas

If you decide to purchase these, you will pay around $19.00 to $19.99, depending on where you are buying them from.

# 2 – Quay Australia Rumours Eyeglasses

The Quay Australia Rumours Eyeglasses offer stellar protection for your eyes and is a bit fashionable. The cat-eyed paired are a favored for many people. This particular design offers seven variations of their glasses.

Here are what some people are saying about these commuter glasses:

“I ordered these sunglasses not knowing what they would look like on me, I have a wider kind of heart-shaped face but they look so great and they’re now my favorite pair of sunglasses I own.” – Richard L

You can expect to pay anywhere from $30.99 to $60 for these glasses but that all depends on where you purchase them from.

# 3 – The Book Club Late Hesitations Eyeglasses

The Book Club Late Hesitations Eyeglasses is a rather versatile computer glasses in the sense that it protects around 30% (not a lot as compared to some of the glasses of the other in this article) but it also magnifies what you are looking at by 25%.

Here is what people are saying about these glasses:

“These glasses are super comfortable. I’m VERY pleased. I bought 2 pairs of another brand, and now I wish I had purchased another pair of these… Great quality. Not too heavy. The yellow tint is VERY LIGHT. The yellow tint is almost no noticeable at all. Spring hinges spring back smoothly…a little more smoothly on the left side than the right. That’s all I can say. They are great!” – Tasha P

If you decide to purchase these, you will pay around $40, but this depends on where you are buying them from.

# 4 – Foster Grant Marni Eyeglasses

The Foster Grant Marni Eyeglasses these are non-prescription glasses which offer technology in the lower part of the lenses to relax your eyes. It also protects the eye form blue light by 29%.

Here is what people are saying:

“Good glasses. The tint is not the bright yellow of other computer glasses; these are more professional because of the tint it less obvious. I have had lighter weight glasses, but these are not heavy. I do recommend a hard clamshell case to protect them though. I managed to break one arm off of mine within a week by putting them in my bag in just the soft case they came with. I like them enough to buy a replacement pair, but I will keep the new ones in a solid case.” – Chad

If you decide to purchase these, you will pay around $34.99, but this depends on where you are buying them from.

# 5 – Muse x Hilary Duff Helen Eyeglasses

The Muse x Hilary Duff Helen Eyeglasses are perhaps one of the most stylish glasses on the list. Like many of the articles on this list, these glasses offer blue light protection.

If you decide to purchase these, you will pay around $98, but this depends on where you are buying them from.

# 6 – Pixel Eyewear Ventus Eyeglasses

The Pixel Eyewear Ventus Eyeglasses free superlative protection against blue light and the best thing about these glasses is that the designer and company offer you a 30 day back guarantee on the lenses if you see no results. Not too bad – as that show how much confidence they have in their products.

Here is what people are saying:

“so far I like them, I bought these and the blueberry glasses and ultimately decided to keep these and return the blueberry ones (even though I did like the look of those a little better – cute blue frames) because although still much more clear than the $12 pair I bought, they did have a very slight yellow cast that the Pixels don’t have, and I am editing photos on the computer, so I need to be sure the color is accurate.” -Lindsy

If you decide to purchase these, you will pay around $85, but this depends on where you are buying them from.

# 7 – EyeBuyDirect Aura Eyeglasses

Aside from the stunning visual appeal, the EyeBuyDirect Aura Eyeglasses are some of the most efficacious glasses you can wear to protect you from blue light emission. They are stunning to look at, and they are stunning to see out of.

Here is what people are saying:

“These glasses are great, and I can’t wait to get my prescription put in. It’s very good quality and gives me a look I’m going for without spending an arm and a leg for it.” – Home Deep Peaux

If you decide to purchase these, you will pay around $89, but this depends on where you are buying them from.

# 8 – Prospek Premium Computer Glasses

The Prospek Premium Computer Glasses are some of the most universally well know computer glass which has been received extremely well by many people. Over 100 reviews and it has a rating of 4.4 on most sites. These are without a doubt the glasses you were looking for.

Here is what people are saying:

“I’ve been dealing with headaches almost every afternoon from eye strain while working at a computer. These seem to have solved my problem! Heads up though, the “regular size” is very large. I’m having to exchange mine for the small size to avoid looking like Dexter, though I consider my face to be “average” in most cases. If you’re a woman or a man with an average-to-slim face, you most likely want to go with the small size. That aside though, these look very professional, and they’re every bit as good of quality as others I’ve seen for more than twice the price. I expect to use them for years to come.” – Tyler

If you decide to purchase these, you will pay around $39.95, but this depends on where you are buying them from.

# 9 – Zenni Optical Sophisticated Oval Eyeglasses

The Zenni Optical Sophisticated Oval Eyeglasses are some of the most stylish, practical and affordable computer glasses on this list and in the market. A favorite design for many, who have to sit behind the desk for hours on ends – thesis a great pair of glasses to sport even if you are away from the desktop or mac.

Here is what people are saying:

“I love it! So lightweight hardly feels like you’re wearing one!” – KLP

If you decide to purchase these, you will pay around $39.95, but this depends on where you are buying them from.

# 10 – Felix Gray Roebling Eyeglasses

The Felix Gray Roebling Eyeglasses have been loved and appreciated for how much they compliment someone face and accentuate their best qualities.

Here is what people are saying:

“I remembered last year; I would always wear my moms reading glasses at school because I looked “cuter” and then I realized that I should just get nonprescription glasses! After reading a lot of reviews, I chose these! They are bigger than I thought-and more rectangular then I expected them to be, but I still like them! the only thing I don’t love is the color I chose, against my skin tone they just look too clear to me, and the glare made it almost seem like I wasn’t wearing anything… but overall I would recommend these.”

If you decide to purchase these, you will pay around $95, but this depends on where you are buying them from.

Protect Your Eyes From Blue Light

It is essential that you take the necessary steps to protect your eyes from the blue light. With technology becoming ever more integrated into every aspect of our lives the need to protect your eyes is a necessity.

It is essential also to eat right and give your eyes the amount of rest it will need to function at its optimal level.

More then anything, rest is incredibly crucial for your eyes health. If you are not getting the rightmost of test and giving your eyes enough exercise then eye deterioration will happen.

Losing one’s sight is one of the most devastating things that a person can experience so protecting your eyes with these fantastic computer glasses.

Protect your eye health by protecting them with these glasses.

Get yours today.

If you have any questions, please ask below!