5 Science-Backed Ways to Deal with Depression Using the Power of Nature

t245t5trMental illness may seem like a weakness to some, but those who have to deal with depression will understand the distress behind it.

These blue periods are devastating, to say the least. The good news is that it’s manageable. Furthermore, you may feel relieved knowing that you can deal with depression by tapping on nature.

What is depression?

If you ask someone to explain what depression is, he or she may tell you that it’s sadness. But it’s much more than that.

Sadness is an emotion that everyone will experience at various points their lives, and it usually passes with time. Conversely, depression doesn’t. It interferes with a person’s daily routines and functions. It’s not a character flaw, but a real illness that doctors call ‘clinical depression.’

Signs of Depression

The symptoms of depression aren’t only emotional, but also physical. If you or a loved one has experienced them for more than two weeks, a visit to a doctor is in order.

A person with depression will have feelings of emptiness that don’t subside. He or she may harbor suicidal thoughts. Overwhelming guilt, worthlessness, and helplessness will go with them.

Consequently, a person will have little energy and find difficulty concentrating. His or her memory will also weaken. He or she will find it hard to sleep and will feel restless. Such symptoms are persistent.

What Causes Depression?

What causes extreme sadness? Experts attribute depression to various causes.

First of all, you may experience stress that does not go away. Extended periods of emotional pressure may lead to lowered immunity, and therefore, depression.

Hormonal changes may bring on mood swings as well. It explains why women develop Post Natal Stress Disorder, a form of depression, after pregnancy.

Also, gluten sensitivity may produce depression. Experts like Dr. Hyla Class found that depression decreases when a person avoids gluten.

Another cause of depression is inflammation that does not subside. Infections and medical conditions like cancer may trigger sad feelings.

Obesity is a top cause of depression. Stomach fat points to insulin resistance. Diabetes may set in as a result.

Finally, a leaky gut brings on depression. Bacteria may leak out of the intestines and into the bloodstream, causing tiredness and mood swings.

5 Science-backed Ways to Deal With Depression Using The Power of Nature

The pills given by a doctor may bring relief. That said, there are effective ways to deal with depression, using nature’s gifts.

1. Exercise in the fresh air

Science has proven that a good cardiovascular workoutcan prevent depression. Jog while taking in the fresh air, as it will improve your heart rate. It will refresh your lungs as well. The awareness of your breathing will release endorphins and make you happy.

2. Get some sunlight and increase vitamin D intake

To beat illnesses, experts recommend a daily dose of about 100 mg of Vitamin D. Taking it with Vitamin K2 and magnesium will improve its effects, as they work together.

A natural source of Vitamin D is, of course, sunlight. It forms when you expose your skin to UV radiation. Beware of spending too much time in the sun, however, as it can increase your risk of skin cancer. Doctors suggest that a few minutes is enough to give the body the Vitamin D it needs.

3. Eat natural foods

It also makes sense to watch what goes into your stomach, because doing so will help you manage illnesses like depression. Avoid processed foods and take in probiotic products. Also, eat lots of fermented foods, like soy.

Comfort foods may ease your worries, but they cause weight gain. Conversely, taking in lots of natural,whole foods will keep you trim and help you beat the blues. Look out for whole grains, lean meat, poultry, fruits, and vegetables when at the supermarket. Fruits and vegetables give the body its supply of dietary fiber.

Furthermore, vegetables are an important source of many nutrients, including potassium, folate, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. Potassium, found in potatoes and beans, regulates blood pressure. Pregnant women need folate to prevent congenital disabilities. Vitamin A maintains your eye health while Vitamin C heals your skin.

The idea of taking in sardines or salmon may seem fishy for some, for want of a better word. They may not seem appetizing, but studies prove that eating these fish prevents depression.

4. Going green

There’s no better way to fight depression than going green. Everyone knows that just the act of gardening improves moods, but there’s even better news. A study has proven that soil bacteria releases serotonin, the happiness hormone.

5. Walking in nature

Finally, walking in nature and noticing beautiful wild animals around you helps to free your mind of negativity. Researchers discovered that people who went on walks had higher self-esteem than those who didn’t.

Having to deal with depression is no mean feat, and pills can overwhelm. However, these natural ways will make the process easier.

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