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How to Detoxify Your Body the Natural Way?

green-appleDetoxification process doesn't only aims to cleanse and purge your system from all the harmful substances you took in from food, drinks and medications, it might be a way to lose weight. And I guess that is the best motivation one can look forward too.

But then, setting aside weight loss, looking at detoxification as a cleansing process can be the best and the most ideal motivation one can have. It can be a way to be healthy again and jump start a better functioning organ system inside your body.

Famous Celebrities Who Had Undergone Detoxification

Salma Hayek, Anne Hathaway and Gwyneth Paltrow are few of those who undergone detox process. Beyonce on the other hand tried the process to lose weight before her major concert. The detoxification method they used are available in the internet you can try search for it.

As much as these celebrities admitted that detox helped them to lose weight, some still employ the process to achieve an overall healthy and functional system, again. As detox aims to reduce if not purge out harmful toxins from the body, it also has become your favorite celebrities' way to quick and natural cleansing.

Famous and Natural Detoxifying Ways

1. Green smoothie.

Green smoothie

This would include your vegetables. Vegetables are full of so healthy components plus it leads to a fresher feeling. A smoothie can take in nay flavor you wanted as long as it's all natural. No preservatives and you get to do it on your own.

2. Organic diet.

Organic food

This can be the healthiest food you can have. You can try it or have it incorporated in your diet if possible. Organic means it is devoid of all preservative and is very beneficial to the body and all bodily system.

3. Water.


Lots and lots of water can detoxify your body. It helps cleanse your digestive track and keeps your digestion at ease. It also helps in your other bodily system and keeps you away from early signs of wrinkles.

4. Detox juice.

natural juiceDetox juice more popular concoction may include a combination of two or three ingredients. And mostly these ingredients can be found from your pantry or your kitchen. And that makes it more natural.

5. Have some yogurt.

yogurtYogurt has pro-biotic that is really good for the stomach. It helps cleanse you out as well as maintain all the good bacteria in it.

Through the simple things above, you can now start your simple and natural detox process. No more made to order juices and concoction, you can do it and have it right at your own hands. And always remember that the detox process will really help you and your body a lot. A single step and a huge leap, you can now have that healthy body, a much better functioning system as well as the weight loss you always wanted. But don't forget to have it together with the right exercises. You can visit dr. marcells’ website and ask a question about the right beauty treatment for you.

The right and proper fitness routine can clinch it all!

Here is a nice infographic on detoxification you may find useful! (click on the image to enlarge)


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