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Healthy Ways to Get Rid of Love Handles Before Summer

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Summer's fast approaching and no one can stop it! If you're planning to have a lasting relationship with your string bikini during these hot months, it's high time to break up with your unhealthy eating habits. To get rid of bulging love handles, put these healthy ways together!

Go easy on the sweets

Too much sugar is the number one cause of belly fat and love handles. When you eat added sugars, they find their way to the belly- their preferred storage spot. So for a flatter stomach, steer clear of doughnuts, candies, and cakes, as well as surprisingly high sugar food such as bottled juices and fruit-flavored yogurt.

Take yoga classes

Aside from helping you burn calories, Yoga can also help you build lean muscle-both which can reduce belly fat. Studies show that this form of exercise can also reduce stress and anxiety levels, and possibly, emotional eating. For the best belly blasting results, add 30-45 minutes of Yoga about 2-3 times per week.

Pump up protein

Making protein 15-30 percent of your calorie intake can easily help you shed belly fat. A research in 2011 found that people who increased their protein to 30 percent of their total intake lost about 11 pounds over a span of 12 weeks, without any lifestyle changes. For a smaller belt size, make friends with skinless chicken, turkey, eggs, seafood and lean beef.

Concentrate on total body workouts

When trying to reduce your love handles, focus on total body workouts rather than only doing exercises that target the area. Training the muscle underneath the fat doesn't burn the fat above. In order to build more muscle and burn more calories, cardio exercises are recommended. Interval cardio workouts (alternating between difficult and easier intensity) can help you get rid of unwanted side belly bulges.

Eat up those greens

Experts recommend more than 3 servings of vegetables daily for a smaller waistline. If eating a rainbow of produce every day a may be inconvenient for an on-the-go person like yourself, try juicing. Juicing can help you integrate the right amount of vegetables in your diet with less hassle. All you have to do is throw your fresh produce into your cold press juicer and drink up.

Drink more, eat less

Twenty minutes before a meal, drink a glass of water. This simple step will help you lose excess belly fat. By drinking water before each meal, you are activating the fullness centers in your stomach. This will help you avoid overeating and spare you from eating a ton of extra food.

Have enough sleep

Sleep may be as important to weight loss as exercise and diet. When you burn the midnight oil, it can lead to increased snacking and constant food craving. Furthermore, longer sleep can actually impair the function of fat cells in the body. Lack of sleep makes your body promote fat storage.

Start doing these tips today and leave your love handles behind!

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