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The Health Benefits of Alkaline Iodized Water

alkaline-waterWater means life and life means water and air. And not having clean and unsoiled water is hugely detrimental to our health. Nowadays, there are several types of water available, processed and developed to maximize the benefits of natural clean water. One of them is alkaline water which is also commonly known as ionized water. This has a pH level greater than 7 produced with the help of an "alkalizer." More people are now choosing Alkaline ionized water as a substitute for their regular tap or drinking water. This is due to the growing realization among users that it provides a number of health benefits.

And Bawell, a leading producer of alkaline ionizers, are aware of this increasing recognition and the reason behind it—the benefits are simply and undoubtedly there. Users testify to this fact online, especially on facebook. Compiled in this article are four of the major health benefits of Alkaline Iodized water as reported by users and researchers alike.

Here are some of them:

1. It Restores the Body's pH Balance

Colds, infections, joints and muscle pains, unhealthy hair and skin condition, these are all signs of an acidic body. This is why it is important that you are mindful of how you manage your body as poor hygiene, exercise, and diet make the body acidic. By drinking alkaline water on a daily basis, the acids are neutralized and the body's optimal pH balance is restored. Having achieved this balance will help our self-regulating mechanisms operate in good conditions. As a result, all the nutrients are delivered to the cells and waste products are eliminated.

2. It Serves as an Antioxidant

Antioxidants fight aging, reduce the risks of cancer, and help prevent diabetes among its many benefits. Alkaline ionized water is a powerful source of antioxidants because of the abundant presence of free electrons in it. These free electrons are donated throughout the body and help neutralize free radicals which are known to cause cellular and DNA damage (oxidation). With the help of antioxidants, oxidation is kept at bay.

3. It Supplements Your Healthy Diet

Water itself is hugely beneficial to any diet. Ideally, it should be taken more than sodas and energy drink that most people prefer. But for optimal benefits, water that has been alkalized or ionized is the better alternative. It prevents the build-up of toxins in your body, balances pH, and reduces the risks of bone loss because it stimulates the calcium in your body. Not only that. Some users report that alkaline ionizers have helped them in losing weight. This may be the result of it containing 0 calories and being an effective appetite-suppressant.

4. It Hydrates Your Body

The most obvious health benefit of this type of water is that it super-hydrates your body. Majority of our body is made up of water and it is only essential for us to maintain the right percentage of it at all times. In alkaline ionizers, the ionization process breaks the large cluster in the water into smaller sizes which means the water will be more easily absorbed into the cells. Once this happens, superior hydration is achieved and the solid wastes and toxins are flushed out from the body.

This video more in-depth explains the benefits of alkaline water for health.


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