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What Bodybuilding Supplements Do I Need?

supplements-and-vitaminsOne of the best decisions you can make for your health is to start a bodybuilding routine. Besides getting that envious body shape, you can directly or indirectly reap many health benefits. Typically, bodybuilding entails lifting weights (resistance training) at different levels. In the process, your body will burn a great deal of excess fat, leaving your muscles exposed and giving you a great physique.

That said, the majority of people that embark on bodybuilding routines do so to achieve good physique, power, strength, and improved overall health. Usually, health benefits come as an indirect benefit of the first three reasons.

Fact is, most bodybuilders simply want to get bigger and stronger. This means that you have to do much more than what a normal fitness enthusiast does. It means that you have to eat a little more and pump a little more metal than average fitness enthusiast.

You can train as hard as your body permits you, but it can be difficult to maintain adequate amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and essential fats on a regular basis. Diet is what causes your muscles to grow when repairing themselves after heavy workouts. It is the essential nutrients that give you that explosive growth for power and strength. If you're not getting enough, you might not achieve the desired results.


bodybuilderNeedless to say, if you want become bulkier and stronger real fast, you need supplementation to maintain a steady supply of nutrients. Note that supplementation is not compulsory to achieve your objectives, provided you can keep up with your body's dietary needs. However, more often than not, bodybuilders find themselves skipping important meals. Supplementation fills this important gap and helps to avoid nutritional deficiencies.

There are hundreds of bodybuilding supplements from dozens of manufacturers, but which supplements do you need?

The truth is, supplements are not created equal. Some supplements are always needed by your body when you're on a bodybuilding program whereas others are optional and only needed to achieve specific goals. Here are the bodybuilding supplements that are most essential for optimal bodybuilding.

Vitamins - Vitamins are important organic compounds that augment the function of other nutrients such as proteins. Fat soluble vitamins (A,D, and E) should be taken sparingly as excessive intake become toxins in the body. Water soluble vitamins (vitamin C and vitamin B-Complex) are not stored in the body.

Minerals - Minerals ensure proper function of the brain. They are inorganic compounds (not manufactured by the body) and perform other vital functions such as ensuring proper muscle function, fluid balance, and bone formation. Calcium, sodium, magnesium, and phosphorus are needed in large quantities while selenium, copper, zinc, chromium, iron, silicon, and cobalt are needed in trace amounts.

Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Formula - These supplements enable your body to perform at peak efficiency. This is because without minerals and vitamins, your body will not efficiently utilize other nutrients consumed through food.

Remember, these are the essential supplements you need. There are many other supplements you can use depending on specific goal, but these are a must if you need to supplement.

Joe Turinabol is an avid fitness fanatic and uses a variety of body building supplements to aid his success

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