What an Esthetician Can Do for You?

very-beautiful-womanIf you're looking for quality care and maintenance advice on the preservation of your skin, an esthetician could be just the right professional to seek out. All the products and services out there that claim to give you more youthful looking skin and to reduce acne and other blemishes can be really overwhelming to wade through.

Estheticians are trained in skin care and can help you target problem areas that you can't seem to amend on your own. They are able to perform procedures that will grant faster and more effective results as well as teach you the proper way to set up a skincare regimen at home between appointments.

Some people confuse estheticians for dermatologists and vice versa, but they are two distinct professions offering different services. If you don't have any conditions that are cause for concern and would like to experience a relaxing, noninvasive treatment, an esthetician is a great choice.


Facials are probably the most popular service an esthetician performs. Everyone can benefit and be pacified from the effects of a facial treatment. This is a good way for your esthetician to get to know your skin before suggesting other services. During a facial you can expect a deeper skin cleaning than you perform at home, which will work to remove dead skin cells and impurities. Salons and day spas offer several kinds of facials with varying combinations of products and procedures for different skin types. Some of the advantages include exfoliation, stimulating circulation, evening skin tone and texture, firming skin elasticity and reducing inflammation.


Microdermabrasion is a process that involves bringing newer skin up to the surface of your face and getting rid of dead skin cells. It's a deeper exfoliation procedure that is used to improve the texture of the skin, promote new cell growth, diminish lines and wrinkles, lessen the appearance of sun damage and acne scars and strengthen the production of collagen.

Chemical Peel

Clients usually opt for a chemical peel when they are looking to treat a large area of skin that shows signs of sun damage, scarring or aging. Peels can also help with skin brightness and tone. An esthetician will resurface the skin by applying a chemical solution that will peel away the top layer, leaving room for new growth that will be smoother and rejuvenated. Depending on the depth of procedure you're looking for, peels are offered in light, medium or deep. Estheticians are only able to perform light to moderate peels without a doctor present.


If you're tired of breaking out the razor every other day to keep up good grooming habits, an esthetician can help take care of that with their waxing services. A waxing will remove undesirable hairs from the root so they don't grow back for weeks at a time. Your esthetician will be able to advise you on how to prepare beforehand and how to proceed with after care to ensure the best results and minimize the pain and irritation.

If you wish to become more knowledgeable about your skin and the care it requires to stay looking refreshed, healthy and youthful, an esthetician has the trained eye to be able to recommend just the right thing for you.

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