7 Make Up Essentials Every Girl Should Own!

eye makeupThe old saying says that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Perhaps, but maybe for most women, it’s makeup. How many women do you know cannot leave their homes without any makeup on? It wouldn’t be surprising if you answered, “None”.

The intimidating piles of makeup products in your favorite beauty bar, however, are creating a lot of confusion as to what products you really should just be carrying around in your vanity kit.Makeup Tips

The Lowdown on Makeup

Just as everything else in life, there are wants and there are needs when it comes to makeup. Here are the only 7 things you’ll ever need to pull off a great cover up, any time, any day, anywhere:

Functional makeup brushes. You can’t possibly pull off makeup tricks without a little bit of know-how and a great set of makeup brushes. By set, it doesn’t mean you have to purchase expensive brush sets! Just make sure you have your concealer, eyebrow brush / spooley, eye shadow and buff brushes — that’s it, nothing more.

A good moisturizer. For aging skin, you’ll need an essence and an eye cream at the very least. No cover-up is complete without the plumping benefits of a moisturizer Use these products to prep your skin. When your skin is well prepped, you’re starting off with a great canvass and your products will glide on smoothly and stay on.

Skincorrecting cream. Even out your skin tone with a correction fluid. If you haven’t already tried, Beauty Balm (BB) and Color Correction (CC) creams give you an even, sheer and lightweight cover up that does not leave your skin streaked and unable to breathe like most cream-based foundations do. These products also leave your skin with a dewy, radiant and semi-matte finish that instantly brightens up your skin.

Concealer. Most people will still need to spot correct. Do it with the right shade of concealer. Purplish dark under eyes, for instance, are best covered up with a salmon colored concealer. In most cases, you will need a concealer in your skin tone. Don’t forget to blend in your BB or CC cream on the area being corrected for a seamless finish.

Eyeliner. You need an eyeliner that’s either in powder, pencil or gel form that can work out a great frame for your eyebrows too — talk about double purpose makeup! Determine the best eyeliner and eyebrow shade for you by examining your skin tone and your hair color. Fairer skinned women generally have to go for two shades darker. Asian women can safely go for black, ash or medium to dark brown shades. Darker skinned women can generally go for ash.

Eyelash extension. Why keep bothering yourself having to curl up and live with your eyelash stiffening mascara every time you have to put on makeup? One of the best makeup tricks you should learn about is getting yourself an eyelash extension. It saves you a lot of time and trouble keeping your mascara smudge-free.

Lip color. There are literally thousands of shades available but, the basic colors you should always carry around are nude, deep red and hot pink. Find the best nude that works for your skin tone. Deep red, not bright red, is always sexy on any pout. Hot pink brings an edge to any look whenever you need to amp up your style a notch.


Blame it on your mother, aunts and grandmothers all you want, Sister, but there’s no denying that makeup has become such a daily staple in every woman’s beauty routine.


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