How to Make Sure You Look Better than You Ex’s Date

It’s that time of year when people are simply in the mood to get together, and that makes you prone of awkwardly bumping into your ex and his current girlfriend, doesn’t it? Rather than locking up yourself in your apartment and turning down every date and party invitation, get up, go out and have fun. After all, ain’t you single and ready to mingle?

Uh-uh-uh! Don’t be speeding out the door like a wrecking ball without properly grooming and beautifying yourself to make sure you get that “oomph” impact on your ex and his date when you do find yourself in that situation. Ready?

6 steps to turn up irresistibly more gorgeous than your ex’s date

According to the study, “Breaking up Romantic Relationships: Costs Experienced and Coping Strategies Deployed” published in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology in 2008, going separate ways always results to some loss for both partners. This loss can range anywhere from physical contact, emotional investment, financial resources, and personal and social networks. The study further found out that the feeling of loss tends to be more intense among women than among men. People, the study stated, have very specific and very different coping strategies.

Reclaiming your confidence after a breakup can always begin by rediscovering your natural beauty. From skin lightening creams to quick 1-2-3 routines, here’s all you need to know to rock your ex —whether you’re still trying to cope with the breakup or so over him:

Step 1: Get your confidence level up.

Always the first step to being truly beautiful is to feel more confident about yourself and proud of your assets. No matter what product or clothing you wear, confidence, or the lack of it, will always make itself apparent.

Step 2: Choose what flaws to hide and fight.

It’s not about being born with the perfect assets, it’s knowing how to flaunt what you got. Nobody is perfect so don’t expect yourself to be absolutely without flaws. When it comes to your skin, you have to choose your battles carefully and well because sometimes, the more you hide your dark spots, for instance, the more they show. If hyper pigmented skin or discoloration is your perennial skin issue then, you can take advantage of a skin lightening cream.

Step 3: Look up what’s hot and not.

If your goal is to impress, you have to consider giving yourself a makeover or, at least your closet a new look. Sport a new hairstyle that adds a contour to your face. Wear this season’s trendiest makeup — the deep, dark gothic lip — or, simply go for that ‘no makeup’ makeup technique.

For your clothes, you have to first make sure that you’re always appropriately dressed for the occasion. Be game when you have to and be posh when the affair calls for it. When it comes to clothes, you should rather find the cut that suits your body shape more than forcing yourself to fit into a cropped top shirt. When you have a problem with muffin top, appear slimmer with a high-waisted skirt or denim and a pair of high heels.

Step 4: Keep your back straight and your chin up.

You can wear all the hottest trends, even put on the makeup that makes your skin glow naturally. With a bad posture, you’re putting all these advantages to waste still. Your posture speaks tons about your confidence level too. One easy technique to keep you on guard is to wear those high heels.

Step 5: Rethink the way you live.

Beauty does go beyond skin deep. Take account of what you eat, how much exercise you are allowing your body to benefit from, and how much time you get to sleep at night. Improving on these three factors and making them part of your daily routine won’t only prepare you to impress your ex but, more importantly, reclaim and keep your naturally healthy bod and beautiful skin.

Step 6: Think happy thoughts.

People who exude positive energy are attractive people. When you’re a positive thinker, people naturally want to be around you. When you do bump into your ex and his new girlfriend, think of a nice greeting or nice things to say to both of them but don’t force it if you feel that you still can’t.


Looking at your best takes a combination of bringing your physical assets as well as your positive psychological well-being forward. Be more than just physically attractive by having a beautiful personality. Do these 6 steps and you’ll be sure to impress even your ex and his new partner.


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