Restoring Your Smile; Implanting You With Renewed Confidence

girl-with-beautiful-smileIt's a sad but almost certain fact that not looking after your teeth properly is going to leave you with a damaged smile. This can occur in many ways but arguably the worst possible result of bad oral health is having one or more teeth fall out. Missing teeth can add age and drastically affect your confidence in a negative way, and so many people look for ways to discuss the issue.

There are a few different ways to restore your smile after losing teeth but the most effective is definitely dental implants. These are far more effective at resolving the issue than other treatments such as dentures or bridges for a number of reasons that our outlined in this article. If you are thinking of renewing the confidence you have lost through losing your teeth then here is why dental implants could be the best form of treatment for you.

More Damage –

Unlike implants, dentures can cause accelerated bone loss in the areas of the mouth that are supporting the denture. It is possible to visibly see this over the years and the denture can become lose and uncomfortable as a result. Due to this a large amount of denture patients stop wearing their denture after around five years and either choose to have more effective treatment or go back to having gaps in their teeth and low confidence levels.

No Mean Eat –

When looking for treatment you will want to try and restore your mouth to a condition that closely resembles what is was like before and that includes the way you eat. Because of the fragility of dentures and that they are only supported by the other healthy teeth in your mouth; your ability to eat will be changed drastically.

A person with all their original teeth can bite with around 200 pounds of pressure but dentures will decrease this to around 50 and even less after fifteen years or more. Implants on the other hand will help to keep your ability to bite into your food around the same as usual and you won't have to change your diet too much.

General Health Issues –

Recent studies have shown that there may be a link between poor oral health and poor cardio-vascular health but opting for dentures could also have a negative effect on the rest of your body. Due to the fact that certain foods cannot be eaten and eating is a difficult task; denture wearers have a less varied nutritional intake which leads to a ten year shorter life expectancy as well as other serious general health problems.

Whilst denture wearers may only be able to eat soft foods after a while; implants will allow you to keep up your nutrition and keep eating most of the things you want to.

Building Bridges –

Dental bridges are another option for people with missing teeth but these can often cause similar problems to dentures. Bridges are also not as lasting as dental implants and will need to be changed around every fifteen years; something that won't do much to improve your fear of the dentist. On the other hand, implants usually last a lifetime provided they are given the proper care and attention.

A High Success Rate –

When looking for a way to get your confidence back and fill in the gaps that missing teeth have left behind, you will obviously want to take the most successful course of treatment. Dental implants have proved successful over and over again and single implants have a success rate of nearly 99%. They are much more comfortable than other options, easier to take care of, won't affect your speech and won't result in the damage of your other teeth or the bone structure of your mouth.

Always consult your dentist to find out what would be the best option for you, but for an effective way of restoring your gleaming smile there is no better choice than dental implants.

An article published on behalf of Mr.Chris Mayhew. He tries to look after his teeth as much as possible but knows losing teeth can have a serious effect on someone’s self esteem. He is writing on behalf of Smile Care who are a private dentist offering dental implants in Plymouth, Devon.

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